By: Tracy Breen

If you are a backcountry hunter, chances are you spend a fair amount of time working out and getting in shape for the season ahead. Over the years, one of the easiest ways to physically prepare for a backcountry hunt was putting sand bags or weights into a backpack and hiking a few miles. The problem is sand bags and weights can make a backpack sag. The weight isn’t always evenly distributed and sometimes getting the right amount of weight in the pack can be difficult, which is why the Outdoorsmans has developed the Atlas Trainer.

 The Atlas Trainer mounting bracket allows the hunter to attach Olympic style weight plates to their Outdoorsmans pack frame. With a couple Allen wrenches, the Atlas Trainer can be attached to the pack frame quickly and easily. Once the Atlas Trainer is attached to the pack frame, weight plates can easily be added to the frame like plates are added to a dumbbell or bench bar. The system is easy to use and makes preparing for the hunt more enjoyable. 


The Atlas Trainer was designed to work exclusively with the Outdoorsmans Pack Frame System. The one-of-a-kind frame is lightweight, built to fit snug around the body, and comes with a hip belt and shoulder harness. All the Outdoorsmans backpacks are built around this lightweight frame.


“The Atlas Trainer is one more tool hardcore hunters can use with our pack system. Lots of hunters already use our backpacks and adding the Atlas Trainer will help them better prepare for the hunting season,” Cody Nelson from the Outdoorsmans said. “Many hunters also compete in outdoor fitness competitions. The Atlas Trainer will make preparing for competitions easier than ever.”

 To learn more about the Atlas Trainer and the complete line of Outdoorsmans backpacks, tripods  and accessories, visit or call 1-800-291-8065.