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By: Wade Nolan
bowhunting biologist

We all come from somewhere. I’m told that over 90% of we in the USA live in cities of 100,000 or more. I didn’t get that memo until too late and instead I spent my entire life living in towns of under 1,000. It worked out for me and I was able to do a lot of walking around town without running into many people.

My town of choice in Alaska is pictured here. Just 2-miles into this pic past the lake. It’s called Girdwood Alaska and it is home to a world-class ski resort. Even better, it is ringed on three sides with amazing mountains which are part of the Chugach Mountain Range. I spent 17 years climbing those mountains and getting familiar with my neighborhood.

I was blessed to live in Glacier Valley. This is the view into the outskirts of my neighborhood.

All of that snow translates into water for much of the year and I quickly learned that I had to have dry feet to enjoy my neighborhood. I employed a two-step strategy. First, I bought the best boots money could get me; “Danners”. Then I focused my energy on keeping them waterproof. I chose and still choose Silicone Water-Guard.

This rushing stream was melting snow less than a minute before I crossed it. I’m 5-hours from my home down in the valley here and can’t afford wet feet.

My background is in science so I researched out the best waterproofing with the highest percentage of silicone. You may already know this but at first, I hadn’t realized that for silicone to bond to fabric or leather it must go through a process called polymer-crosslinking.

These boots have climbed a lot of mountains and they are still repelling water.

With Silicone Water-guard that process is initiated when the compound comes in contact with air. Once the crosslinking is complete it is persistent. That means it provides waterproofing for a long time.

If dry feet and boots are popular in your neighborhood I suggest you watch this clip then, get with the program. 

Sponsored by: Whitetail University, Atsko Products 

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