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By: Brian

            Everyone was excited that the ice had been broken and a deer had been taken. Plans were being kicked around for the evening hunts. Shannon, the owner, wanted me to head to his farm and hunt a stand that he loved. Grateful for this chance I loaded my gear in the truck and we were off to the farm. Shannon explained to me on the ride to the farm that he had planted a whole field of soy beans late just so they would be green at the season started. He mentioned that the beans were getting hit pretty hard. The only issue at hand was the nearly full moon was coming up about 7 pm. This would allow the bucks to stay in their beds until the moon was up and they could eat all they wanted all night. I was still excited to see this new farm and new set of stands.

 By 5:00 I was in my stand looking at the huge bean field to my right and a huge bottom to my left. Everything to my left screamed, BEDDING AREA! The sunset was to my right over the bean field and the sky was flooded with beautiful shades of red and pink. I caught two does making their way toward the beans. They stopped at a hidden pond to take a drink and then disappeared into the thick bedding area. The moon was rising to my left and the sun was setting to my right. I was at peace. The beauty all around me was amazing and a sight to behold. I did not see any other deer that evening but the sit was well deserved and I will not forget it!

Shannon picked me up and we went back to camp. One of the other hunters in camp was lucky enough to see two huge bucks. The bucks were only 80 yards away easting in a bean field. Dinner that evening was delicious, fresh backstraps and everyone raved about the meal. Plans were made for the morning hunt and everyone retired for the night.

Sunday morning was going to be my last sit as I had to drive back to PA. I was hoping the morning would be productive and I might have a shot at a velvet buck. Danny came to the lodge and picked me up. We headed to a double set and got ready for my last few hours in Kentucky. I was optimistic the entire morning. Turkeys flew down near us and made a bunch of noise. The time passed quickly and nothing crossed our path.

Danny and I returned to the lodge and I packed up all my gear to drive home. Shannon, Lee and Danny all thanked me for coming and invited me back down for the opening day of gun season on November 11th. I told them I would let them know as soon as possible if I could make it. You better believe that I am going to do my best to clear my schedule.

My goal on this great hunt was to shoot a velvet buck. That goal didn’t happen but a few firsts did happened for me. This was the first time I ever hunted deer in early September. My PA season doesn’t begin until October. Another first was the doe ducking the string and giving me fits. Overall I rate this hunt as a complete success. River Valley Whitetail Outfitters is a new outfit and they are well on their way to creating something great. The owner and guides are super and know their properties very well. They are also working hard to have great stand placements and amazing food plots to attract and hold deer. Lastly the lodge is beautiful and they are thinking of making some additions. If you are looking for a great hunt check out River Valley Whitetail Outfitters.

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Sponsored by: Black Eagle Arrows & Grim Reaper Broadheads

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