By Keith Dunlap – Field Evaluator
Dec 7, 2008 – 7:31:35 AM

Golden Estrus Gel — from Wildlife Research Center®  

Wildlife Research Center, Inc. (WRC) produces scent elimination sprays, big game attractants, masking scents, and scent dispensers.  Their products are performance oriented, and WRC claims that, when used properly, they can really increase your odds of hunting success.

Product Review:
I’ve been using WRC products successfully for years and so when I was asked to write a review of their Golden Estrus Gel, I was already familiar with the company and with their products.  I use Scent Killer® each time I head into a hunt for any scent-savvy quarry.  I also use their Scent Killer clothing wash, deodorant, and liquid body wash?and have for years.  WRC Golden Estrus Gel is super premium doe urine with estrus secretions scent.

This super thick buck lure from WRC has the consistency of honey.  Their claim is that this product drives bucks wild during the rutting activity.  As already mentioned, I’ve had positive experiences with WRC scent products, but I had not used Golden Estrus Gel yet.  Thus, my plan for this evaluation was to use Golden Estrus Gel during the whitetail rut for the 2008 bowhunting season in PA, and document the results for you in this evaluation.

This is the new Giant Wick.
I received two bottles of fresh Golden Estrus Gel from WRC for my evaluation.  During the peak of the whitetail rutting activity in my hunting area in PA, November 7-11, I dipped three WRC Key-Wicks® into the Golden Estrus Gel and hung each of them approximately five feet high from small tree branches.

I placed the three wicks strategically within my maximum bow shooting range, and upwind from where I expected buck activity.  I hung the wicks with the Golden Estrus Gel the morning of my first “rut hunt” and refreshed them by dipping them each morning prior to climbing into my treestand.

So easy to use. Hang the convenient wick and dip into bottle.
I began hunting November 7, and hunted for four straight days from the same stand.  I watched smaller bucks chasing does most of the morning, but the breeding was not yet taking place.  For three days, I watched from my stand, as small bucks approached the scented wicks with curiosity.  One mature doe even seemed interested in the Golden Estrus scent, as she approached one of the hanging wicks and sniffed it for a minute, before being nudged by a smaller buck.

I had activity around my stand the entire duration of my hunts.  On the morning of November 10, I saw a huge ten-point buck standing 55 yards from my stand, but he busted my movement when I turned to look in his direction.  I was not aware that he was standing there behind me, when I stood and turned to look his way.  I am convinced that he smelled the Golden Estrus and was on his way toward one of my wicks to investigate.  Too bad he saw me before I saw him — that’s bowhunting!

Does it work? Well this buck is sure interested.
Finally, on November 11, a nice eight-point buck made his way toward me from behind my stand.  I was able to put a good shot on him at 28 yards, and he piled up 60 yards from where I shot him.  It is difficult to prove that this buck came in because of the Golden Estrus, but I believe that the timing was right to use the scent, and he smelled the Golden Estrus and it made him curious enough to come my way.  The wind was right to lend credence to my theory.

Golden Estrus was too much temptation for this buck


These types of evaluations can be difficult if you cannot determine with certainty that the scented product lured the animal into your area.  In this case, I have proof that Golden Estrus Gel worked, because I had several bucks, and a doe walk right up to one of the scented wicks and smell it.  One of the bucks worked a scrape under one of the hanging wicks.

For the money, I feel that the Golden Estrus gives me confidence that whitetails will check out the scent, and provide greater opportunities for hunting success.


  •     Made from premium doe urine with estrus secretions
  •     Retail price for 1 fluid ounce: $12.99
  •     Warranty: 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied

For additional information on Wildlife Research Center products, visit their website: Wildlife Research Center, Inc.

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