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Cultural Diffusion is the process of spreading knowledge and skills to other cultures. I love discussing this term in my 6th grade social studies class at Fort LeBoeuf Middle School. I also love how it relates to archery and the hunting industry. What a simple process! Sharing information or skills with others from a different culture. With the discussion of this term still fresh in my head, I was able to recall the first time I was introduced to lighted nocks and Grim Reaper broadheads.


During the summer of 2006 I visited my local archery shop to look at some new arrows. The owner of the store knew I was willing to try all kinds of new things so he pulled me aside and showed me some lighted nocks and some new mechanical broadheads. I told him I wasn’t sure about the lighted nocks but the broadheads looked awesome. By the end of my visit I walked out of the shop with new arrows, lighted nocks and some Grim Reaper mechanical heads.

My first experience with the lighted nocks was somewhat frustrating. I was peeking on every shot and pulling the arrows right. I was dropping my hand trying to make sure I could see the lighted nock go. Once I figured that out everything seemed pretty flawless. The broadheads were flying great and the nocks, when set correctly, would turn on and show the path of my arrow. After one hunting season, I gave up on the lighted nocks but stuck with the heads. For over 10 years, I swore I would never use lighted nocks again.

In 2016 I started dabbling with lighted nocks again. There were more brands to choose from now and they all seemed to have good reviews. I picked up a few and began using them again. The brand I tried just wasn’t for me. I wanted to find a nock that was easy to use.

During my recent hunt to River Valley Whitetails I was introduced to the NuFletch Ignitor nocks. Wow, I was impressed. When I returned from my hunt in Kentucky, I set out to locate and purchase some Ignitor nocks for my BEA Zombie Slayers. My search came up short as none of the local shops carried them. I decided to get on the website,  and look for a contact number.

I called NuFletch and was lucky enough to get the owner, John, on the phone. The conversation went very well and by the end of the call he agreed to send me 6 NuFletch Nocks to test and review.

The NuFletch nocks that came were green but they come in two colors, red and green and are available in 4 different sizes for all types of arrows. All this in on their website to help you find the size you need. They are different from other lighted nocks as there are three separate pieces. There is the clear nock, the ignitor light and an insert for your arrow. The Ignitor Nocks have a 50 hour battery life and are completely protected by the solid, clear nock and insert. All I had to do was get my Goat Tuff Impact  glue and install the inserts into my BEA Zombie Slayers.

Three simple to install pieces is all it takes to get your shafts ready to shoot.

The set up time for the Ignitor Nocks was minimal. I was able to pull out my existing nocks and glue the NuFletch inserts into my arrows and let them dry in a matter of minutes. Once I knew the inserts were set, I placed the Ignitor light into the insert and then slid the nock into place. There needs to be a small gap between the nock and the insert so the light will not turn on prematurely. The nock fits snug enough to keep the light from rattling or making a sound. I was told by the owner of NuFletch that if an Ignitor light rattles to just put a little bow wax around the light. The entire system for my arrow only weighed 23 grains.


Excited to shoot and see how the nocks would work, I let them dry for over an hour. I returned to my basement and shot the arrows. Each arrow hit exactly where I was aiming and flew great. The lights were bright and easy to see. I retrieved my arrows and easily turned the ignitor lights off. To turn the lights off, all you have to do is pull the nock out of the insert and then pull on the light itself. This process was far easier than some of the other nocks I have used. I was able to complete the process in just a few seconds. I was impressed and wanted to shoot them outside with my Grim Reaper Hybrid broadheads and see how well they matched up.

Being a diehard Grim Reaper fan, I was really excited to try the new Hybrid head this year. It is a unique design that combines a fixed blade and expandable into a single head. The chisel tip is strong and solid for instant cutting on contact. The two fixed blades are super sharp and the mechanical blades open easily under a small amount of pressure. Knowing how I like to tune my bow I was confident that they would fly like my field points.

Having a few spare minutes after soccer practice, and before it got dark, I grabbed my arrows and Athens Revelation and headed outside. I had plenty of time to shoot multiple distances with the whole set up.

At 20 yards the BEA Zombie Slayer with Hybrid head flew and performed flawlessly. I hit exactly where my field tip had hit and the Ignitor Nock was easy to see in the target at 20 yards. I moved back to 30 yards and eventually to 60 yards where the combination performed flawlessly. The best thing I like about the Ignitor Nock system is that you can take the lights out and shoot your arrows without wasting battery life. This is great as I shoot almost every day. I had finally found the perfect combination of arrow, broadhead and lighted nock.

On the evening of Columbus Day, I went to the stand to hunt. At 6:10 a large doe began working her way up the draw. I set my HHA sight at 30 yards and stopped her in my 30 yard opening. I found the spot I was aiming at and let the BEA fly. In a flash the green Ignitor Nock came on showing the flight of the arrow. I watched as the arrow made impact where I was aiming and saw it disappear into the doe. The Hybrid head made a clean pass through and the doe was off and running. She traveled about 30 yards before falling over. The bright green nock glowed in the low light making it easy to see.

I climbed out of my stand and went to retrieve my arrow. The head was buried in the ground. I inspected the head and it was in perfect condition. Both the fixed and mechanical blades were still sharp. The nock was glowing so I pulled the clear nock off and turned off the lighted nock. It was clean and in great shape, ready to be used again. All I needed to do was run the nock under some water and it would be like new.

Everything worked as promised and the result, a nice doe down and meat in the freezer.

I am happy to say I love the Nufletch Ignitor nocks and would highly recommend them to any hunter looking to use lighted nocks. Easy to set up, use, and reuse and, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee. While you are there watch some of the informational videos as well. The customer service is top notch and you may even get to the owner.

I really love my hunting equipment and recommend all, from my smooth shooting Revelation bow down to the arrows. The Grim Reaper Hybrid head is a winner. Sharp, great in flight, awesome penetration and is rock solid. The Zombie Slayers from Black Eagle Arrow is unbeatable and now I have the lighted nock I’ve been looking for.

Check them out, you won’t regret it!

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