By: Gary Elliott

Ground blinds have over time really aided hunters in all types of hunting and staying stealthy. This remains true even more so today, with a ground blind that doesn’t shine out of the box and has the texture of burlap.

This year I will be hunting from my new Supernatural Hub Blind from Ameristep. Setting up the hub blind was normal for a hub blind. Packed away in its own 8” by 42” bag, the 20 lb. tote out into the woods was effortless. The Spider Hub™ frame was quick to setup and was typical of most Ameristep Blinds I have used.

The blind came in an easy to carry case.

After setup, I was impressed with the roomy 59” footprint along with the 67” height making it easy to move around to get situated, plenty of room for a bow hunter and a friend. Nice corner windows for shooting out of and several more for either a bow hunter or rifle hunters.

One of the simplest blinds to set up.

The texture of the blind is what really impressed me and the no shine material which is a custom dual layer, Natureshell fabric shell with natural fiber exterior to eliminate glare and sheen. With the 2 layers of added loops for adding branches I seem to be well hidden from any deer that may pass by.

All set in position. Now I just have to brush it in.

I always put my blind out early enough so that it becomes part of the woods both visually and let it absorb the scent of the woods I am hunting in.

The daisy chain windows are very quiet when zipping up or down and nice added feature to this blind. MSRP on the Supernatural blind is $249.99.

All ready for the season. Just need to get in and wait for that great buck to walk by.

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