It might seem difficult to pack your bowhunting gear when going on trips, but it’s actually pretty easy to do!

Elevation Bowcase

Bowhunting is one of the most awesome adventures one will ever experience. It isn’t only a test of your hunting skills but it teaches you accuracy and patience as well. But of course, you can’t begin bowhunting without your gear! With the right gear and proper maintenance, you will be able to practice well and catch your game right.

What if you’re going camping or traveling on a trip with your bowhunting gear, though? It might seem difficult to pack your bowhunting gear when going on trips, but it’s actually pretty easy to do!

So if you’re wondering about what to do to keep your gear safe and dry while camping for a few days, then follow these tips on how to travel with your bowhunting gear.

How to Travel With Your Bowhunting Gear

So, how are you going to start camping or packing for your bowhunting trip when staying outdoors for multiple days? Here are some tips you can follow:

Double-Wrap Your Bow

To make sure that your bow is safe and secure during a flight or bumpy car ride, make sure that you double-wrap your bow with its casino and a hard shell, along with its foam inserts and a soft case.

Use A Quality Bow Case

Transporting your bow along with lots of other gear jammed around it is a bad idea, And a flimsy bowcase is no good either. You need a case that provided good protection and holds your bow so it won’t slip around.

You can ditto that if you travel by air. The case needs to be solidly constructed, particularly the handle — and that’s what has broken the most for me on trips. And, although it cost more, wheels on your bowcase, such as the Elevation bowcase in the picture below, are a big help if you have to carry other luggage with you around the airport.

Use Socks as Travel Bags

Make use of your socks and stash all your bowhunting accessories inside. Not only is this a space-saver, but helps prevent damage to your bows and the accessories you pack into it. Plus, it prevents anything from shifting around too much.

Pack Light

Always pack as light as you can and bring just the bowhunting gear you need, taking advantage of carry ons and making  list of the basic necessities rather than over bringing. Only pack the essentials and just-in-cases for survival purposes to avoid lugging your pack, from just the enough arrows down to your first aid kit and snacks. Organizing and listing what you need is great as well!

In Conclusion

If you’re going camping while on a bowhunting expedition, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to lug a ton of weight behind your back or end up hassling yourself with a ton of care and maintenance. Through these tups, you won’t worry about wasting tons of money or hassle when going camping with your bow hinting gear again.

I hope that this article on how to travel with your bowhunting gear helps you become more knowledgeable on what you need to do to keep your gear safe while you are comfortable. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your camping trip and bowhunting expedition today!