What’s The Fun Of It If There Aren’t A Few Obstacles To Overcome.

I looked at my iPhone to see who was calling this early, it was Robbie Cramer. His voice was crazy with excitement. He had just shot a real big buck!

He had seen the buck yesterday and this morning Robbie saw him again, behind his blind and walking toward the ground blind Robbie was inside. When the buck was in the blind’s shooting lane he was 5 yards away … Robbie was already at full draw and settled his pin on the buck’s right side on the vitals. The arrow popped through the buck and it turned and ran in the direction he came from.

Robbie heard deer and brush sounds, but they weren’t very loud and the sound stopped right away.

He waited a few short minutes and peeped through a rear window, not seeing any deer Robbie eased out of the blind’s door to look for blood sign or his arrow. He didn’t see either

He heard nothing and saw no movement. Robbie had only gone about 15 yards and returned to the blind. He got his iPhone, turned on the Video and walked through the brush toward where he had seen the buck last.

There, on the ground, the buck lay, totally still.

Robbie stopped the video and took a picture of the buck … and called his buddy Robert Hoague.

Three hours later I boarded a flight from where I was, Grand junction, CO, non-stop to DFW were the Duck was meeting me. Our  destination was 996 miles from G.J, our Deer Lease where Robbie Cramer was.

A Once In A Lifetime Flight…

I was dozing off when the voice in the airplane’s speakers asked if there were any  Doctors or Nurses on the flight. I was in the last row of the plane and further up the aisle the Stewardesses and a Doctor and Nurse were busy with a person or persons. Soon the pilot came on the air and said there was a medical emergency and we were going to land in Amarillo, TX. He told us to clear the aisle and stay on the airplane.

I texted Robbie Cramer and told him about the Amarillo delay.

At DFW the Duck was already at the Baggage Claim area when and we hit the road, almost. Neither one of us had eaten all day so we made a quick stop at my favorite mexican food restaurant, Ojeda’s in Dallas. The service was fast and the food was as good as it gets.


The Duck drove his pickup like a rocket and at 6:01pm we pulled into Whaley Deer Processing in Hamilton, TX, where, this morning Robbie has rushed his buck over to and set it up in posing position in B, J. Whaley’s big, cold deer cooler.

Robbie already had the buck set up and was ready for pictures.


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