From: Tracy Breen Outdoors

Fourth Arrow Products, makers of the revolutionary Wyndscent Vapor Scent Dispensing System, is proud to partner with P7 Scents. P7 Scents are known for making highly concentrated scents that can now be dispensed in the Wyndscent unit. “These scents are a highly concentrated formula that will work well from our Wyndscent unit,” Dave Dykema from Fourth Arrow Brands said. “Vapor scents carry a great distance in the woods. When you combine that with P7 concentrated scents, the result is a combination that will bring deer in from a great distance.” The highly concentrated P7 scents will be available in three formulas that are designed to bring deer in close. 


Sanctuary 17 utilizes a unique blend of scents to perfectly match the scent of a doe bedding area. This blend of scents harnesses the deceit of false safety so when bucks and does smell Sanctuary 17, they will believe they are in a safe area that smells like a bedding area. This scent is formulated to have a calming effect on deer. This scent is perfect for the bowhunter trying to bring a big buck in close.


Seduction 18 harnesses the deceit of desire. This formula uses the scent of a highly concentrated doe in estrus to lure big bucks in close. Doe estrus is the scent most hunters use during the rut to attract big bucks and the concentrated Seduction 18 formula will work great during the rut.


Suppression 19 harnesses the deceit of anonymity. This advanced cover scent utilizes advanced odor elimination to allow a hunter’s presence to be undetected and allow for undisturbed animal movement. Hunter are always looking for ways to outwit the nose of a deer. Suppression 19 is one more weapon hunters can use to deceive the nose of a whitetail.

Best of all, the unique vapor technology used by the Wyndscent unit means the hunter gets more bang for the buck. One 7 ml bottle of P7 scent provides 40 hours of vapor. With other scents, hunters are lucky to get a day or two of use out of a bottle of urine.


The Wyndscent applicator is a one-of-a-kind patented vapor scent applicator that harnesses the power of vapor to dispense liquid scent. The reusable unit comes with a remote control and rechargeable batteries. With Wyndscent, hunters can control the amount of scent dispersed and continuously apply scent every 60 second intervals. Learn more about Wyndscent at