In 2013 Plano Synergy brought together one of the largest, most complete portfolios of outdoor brands. Plano Synergy has looked to Forge Forward in all aspects of its operations: from engineering, manufacturing and shipping to customer service, sales and marketing.

Earlier this year, the outdoors leader partnered with Dallas-based Publicis Hawkeye to elevate its digital presence. One of the agency’s primary tasks was the creation of new and inviting virtual front doors for consumers seeking helpful information on Plano Synergy’s extensive portfolio of outdoor brands and products – all while keeping a hawkish eye on the unique DNA of the company’s 18 premier brands.

Two of the company’s new websites recently received top honors in the Web Marketing Association’s prestigious WebAward received the Best Consumer Goods Website Award, while was recognized with a Consumer Goods Standard of Excellence Award. Publicis Hawkeye developed both sites in cooperation with the Plano Synergy Marketing and Creative Teams.

Two of the company’s new websites recently received top honors in the Web Marketing Association’s prestigious WebAward Competition. received the Best Consumer Goods Website Award,

“Our main objective in modernizing our web presence was to offer visitors a more satisfying, interactive and holistic online experience,” says Plano Synergy VP marketing Pete Angle. “Our outdoor brands are distinct, but each of them exist to elevate the outdoors experiences of our customers. We believe the online experiences Plano Synergy offers should deliver the same satisfaction. These awards are a well-deserved win for Publicis Hawkeye, but they represent an even bigger one for our customers.”

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Plano Synergy Creative Director, Joshua Springer, agrees. “In today’s crowded marketplace, you fall behind quickly without a unique and engaging web presence, and in our case, that requires understanding and reinforcing the distinct virtues, customer bases, messaging and other key subtleties of 18 unique brands. Publicis Hawkeye has been a very collaborative partner with the deep resources, creativity and experience necessary for success when taking on a challenge of this size. We’re pleased to call them our partner and proud to offer our customers the kinds of satisfying online experiences that match the performance of our products.”