By: Gary Elliott

4K video and 30 Megapixel Pictures and you think of a high end DSLR Camera. Not at all, I am talking about a trail camera used for scouting and surveillance.

I remember being excited when Stealth Cam released their HD camera in 2009 and thought this is crazy. I can take family portraits with this thing and I am sure someone out there has.  Just to compare, 4K video resolution captures video at 3840 x 2160 resolution quality and High Definition (HD) video is 1920 x 1080. So, which such clarity the details jump out at you like crazy. If you have a 4K Smart TV at home you can really enjoy watching your videos as I did.  Another one of the great options is the IR brightness settings, allowing you to set your brightness at full for long distance shots and half for short range such as areas where feeders or known travelling areas are. This virtually eliminates the burn out or wash out you use to get with older trail cameras.

The battery tray holds 12 AA batteries and will accept alkaline, lithium or rechargeable batteries. I have found I get the best results with Duracell Quantum batteries. To make battery life better Stealth Cam has a new firmware that increases battery life in all its new cameras.  Greatly improving on their past of being a battery eater. For an additional $60.00 Stealth Cam GSM’s new HME battery box with solar panel.

Available on their website at:–P1071.aspx

I found the Reflex trigger speed of less than .4 seconds phenomenal. Never in any of my daytime, transition time or night time pics did I only get a pic of a deer’s butt. All deer were just coming into view and then with the additional burst I found the second to be a center shot.

Menu set-up was easy; however, I was required to read directions. You can set it up manually or there are several presets. Time lapse is also another big feature with this camera. I found where many cameras fail is during transition time when day becomes night or night becomes day most camera have a lot of blur or poor pictures. Not this camera the dual image sensors again shine and allow for some awesome shots.

Another great feature when using “PIR COMBO”, is the camera will take a still image in the first frame and then additional images every 5 seconds while recording video.  Note: If you are going to utilize the 4K video two things to keep in mind, to shoot 4K you must use a SD card with read / write rate of 60k bits per second and video class V10 or above and in QHD mode, read / write rate of 50k bits per second and video class V6 or above. I had the camera set up at a neighbor and was lucky enough to catch them cutting their grass and was able to see how sensitive the PIR sensor was. They easily triggered the sensor at 75 feet and even when viewing my pics deer walked in at night anywhere up to 75 feet and it triggered for a nice picture.

Although sound is not always top on my list for a trail camera you can rest assured that Stealth Cam has put time into getting great audio pick up on this camera. I was surprised by how much sound detail I was getting with this camera. Not noise but clear sound.”



  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • 30 MP Ultra Hi Res Performance
  • Dual Image Sensors
  • Range Control – Adjustable PIR
  • Security Mode (re-write SD memory)
  • Reflex™ Trigger < .4seconds
  • 42 NO GLO IR Emitters
  • Intuitive backlit menu programming
  • Matrix ™ Advanced Blur Reduction
  • Retina™ Low Light sensitivity
  • 16:9 Wide Image Ratio
  • Quick Set pre-programmed option.
  • Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering
  • 5-59 sec / 1- 59 min recovery time out
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase / Temperature / Name Stamp
  • GEO-TAG GPS Tagging
  • Manual shot capability
  • Secure Lock password protection
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • Video & USB output
  • Operates on 12 AA batteries
  • External power jack for 12V battery box
  • Active Time Setting
  • Multi Lingual (English / French / German / Spanish)
  • Preset Time & Date (CST)

One thing I noticed missing from this camera was a picture viewer and really, I never used one very often anyway. The MSRP on GSM’s website is $299.00 dollars but saw it an average of $190.00 on the web. I just don’t have room to talk about all the awesome features of this camera so they are listed above. Compared to my droid keep in mind the 4K on the Stealth Cam is 4K at 15 fps unlike sport cameras getting 4K at 30 fps. So, your 4K video may a bit choppy and if you don’t like that step down to QHD a 2K recording and it will be smoother and a little bit less of a file size. Obviously, this is not a camera for just scouting camera for that you can spend much less. This is a scouting camera you can utilize to capture high detail video of the outdoors, wildlife and surveillance videos and high-resolution stills for your personal collection.

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