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By Fred Lutger

Fred Lutger admires the exceptional wild turkey taxidermy mounts at the NWTF Show.

It’s been a few years since I was in Nashville for the National Wild Turkey Federation’s annual show and convention at the Gaylord Center. I promised myself I would attend this year. Turkey hunting is one of my passions and this show is a turkey hunter’s dream.

I had a short visit this year but did manage a complete walk around of the show floor. Not only does the show offer many vender displays but has a full schedule of seminars, auctions, calling contests and call making contests, an art and photo contest and the camaraderie of the best people on this planet, turkey hunters.

I have many friends in the hunting industry and I look forward to seeing faces I don’t get to see as often as I like. This show is a great way of bringing those friends together. My girlfriend/partner/confidante/love of my life, Kathleen Considine, made the trip with me and got to see the show for the first time. She got to put faces to the many names she has heard me mention and talk about. She was also impressed with the Gaylord Center. We not only saw the show but visited the indoor gardens at the center, took the boat ride and visited the restaurants and pubs at the center.

A quick dash downtown to the music center fueled plans for a future Nashville trip to visit the downtown bars and music venues. That trip will have to wait until the end of this years spring turkey seasons.

I was once again impressed to see Corporate sponsorship of the show by Anheiser Bush and Chevrolet. If they support hunting, I am all about supporting them.

I marvel at the craftsmanship of the decorative turkey calls. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked to checking them all out, but I did make it a point to see  my friend David Constantine’s  entry in the decorative box call category. I wasn’t disappointed. His call blew me away. It is titled “Red Handed.” Check out the picture.

I always look for new items I can carry to the turkey woods. My favorites this year, Jerry McPherson’s   Montana Decoy company has some new photo realistic, fold up turkey decoys. I have used the full strutter in the past with great success. I can’t wait to try out their new creations. And I really like the imagination of their new Moo Cow decoy. Just think of the possibilities not only for turkey but deer and antelope and other big game. Am I going to have fun this year!

Am I standing in Cally Morris’s Hazel Creek Taxidermy booth?? No, this is DSD and their hand painted, real to life looking flock of the best looking turkey decoys I have ever laid my eyes on.

These decoys look like mounted birds. The more realistic a decoy looks, the better it works. I bow hunt my turkeys.  I have to get them close.  The biggest revolution in turkey hunting is Double Bull blinds and full mounted taxidermy turkey decoys. The DSD decoys fooled me. I am sure they will, and have, fooled the most weary Tom.

The Double Bull Archery pop up ground blind revolutionized wild turkey hunting for bowhunters. This is our blind on this year’s Florida hunt, a Primos Dark Horse.
I didn’t get to watch any of the calling contests this year but I did run into Bobbie Woods. Bobbie won the friction calling contest for the second time. He is the only repeat winner in this category. I talked to him at the Woodhaven booth and I will do a complete interview with this 2-time champ in the near future.

I am in Florida as I write this article. I was unfortunate enough to have a thunderstorm day and am in my motel room watching a 24 hour downpour of 2 inches of rain. The rest of the week in predicted to be sunny and mild, my kind of turkey weather. I will be back in the turkey woods tomorrow to chase that illusive orange grove hiding, swamp jumping,  Palmetto skirting, Gator dodging Osceola long beard. I am with my good friend, an avid turkey hunter, and webmaster of the greatest web sight for bowhunters (, Robert Hoague.

Robert and I are off on another great adventure. This spring we are once again hunting several states and all four species of America’s turkeys. We are very pleased to be hunting with good friend David Mill’s. Robert and I have been very successful hunting Osceolas with David. We are hunting South of Rt 70 to take advantage of Florida’s early opener. We are hunting the farms of Mike Allbritton, Allbritton Farms, south of Arcadia, FL. For information on Osceola turkey hunts call David Mills at 863-303-4726.

I talked to other people at the show.  Custom knife maker Bob Dill and I had a mutual friend, Fred Bear. We exchanged stories about Fred and Bear Archery Company. I took several notes and will pass them along in the near future.

I saw a unique new broadhead made by Hartcraft Broadheads. This broadhead deserves a story of it’s own. I will Get-ER-Done soon with pictures of this new head.

I hope to run into you as Robert and I travel the states. We run into readers every day. Keep checking into and watch as our spring turkey hunts unfold. Good luck on your hunts and remember, the best hunts are the ones you return home from safe and sound.

Good hunting. Fred Lutger


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