When I find a product that I feel can benefit the bowhunting.net readers, I love to share it. Today
I am reporting on the blinds made by SHADOWHUNTER, who make professional grade deer blinds. ShadowHunters two decades of relentless dedication and commitment to quality has made them the brand in hunting blinds preferred by the industry leading pros and outdoorsman.

Last year, I was introduced  to this fantastic blind while hunting with my friend Keith Warren on his ranch
in South Texas. I was immediately impressed with the quality and structure of the ShadowHunter blinds.

What I liked right out of the gate was the sliding and quiet window system. Also, the large doors for getting in and out of the blind were a cool feature. The dark interiors were also a plus, enabling the hunter to move
without being spotted by the animals he or she is hunting. On my trip last year with Keith I managed to
take an 18 pointer that scored over 200 out of one of these magnificent blinds!

Shadow Hunter has a variety of blinds to fit the hunters need. This past year I bought the MM660A
which is a 6×6 octagon combo blind and put it up on my ranch in Texas. This is a bow blind that is
absolutely the best when it comes to bowhunting! All the windows are of a vertical configuration. The blind’s 8-sided octagon shape provides a 360” sight and shooting range.

shadow hunter archery bowhunting blind

This blind is also equipped standard with one upper and lower storage shelf and one ceiling mounted bow holder. I simply love the shelves to but various gear such as grunt calls, rattling antlers, and many other accessories. The ceiling bow holder is great in keeping the bow handy and out  of the way.

Yesterday I put the ShadowHunter to the true test! While hunting I had a group of 20 longbeard gobblers come by me. Sitting in the Shadow Hunter I picked out a monster Rio Grande gobbler and sent my Black Eagle arrow tipped with the 2″ Grim Reaper broadhead through his vitals.In a millisecond, he was down and expired!

Rick Philippi and his Rio Grande gobbler taken from his new Shadow Hunter archery blind.

Meanwhile the other gobblers meandered around and did not pay any attention. The gobblers continued feeding on acorns so I played a little game. I just wanted to see if they could see me so I made slow subtle movements inside the blind to see if they could pick up any movement. Keep in mind
these wild turkeys were only ten to 20 yards away, but they  did not have any idea I was there! The Shadow Hunter blinds are constructed so they are very dark inside concealing the hunter. I would say that is a pretty good test if you can fool a wild turkey’s eyes!!

All Shadow Hunter blinds are designed with fully insulated walls and ceilings, wood grain aluminum rust
proof exteriors! They also have a carpeted floor for noise reduction and rodent proof flooring. Another
neat feature is the upper and lower air vents which really help to keep you comfortable. Shadow Hunter
blinds are camouflaged in the Shadow Hunter ODX Camo pattern. One other feature I truly like is the
interior/exterior locking door handle!

To check out the variety of blinds they offer, jump out to their web-site www.shadowhunterblinds.com

Safe Hunting,
Rick Philippi