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By: Wade Nolan
bowhunting biologist

Like you, I struggle to steal a few hours a week in the fall to sit in my favorite treestand. This lack of leisure time is a common symptom of today’s lifestyle…even for avid bowhunters. This crunch causes to me to engage in my favorite pastime with a few marks against me. Most notably, I do everything in a hurry…and when in a hurry I make mistakes. This leads to complications with the hunt.

A few weeks ago I found myself with my life button stuck on fast-forward again and I noticed that if I didn’t get into my treestand today it would be a week until the opportunity opened up again. I was off at light speed gathering my FALLGUY full body harness, Climber, Bear CODE bow and pack. It was 10 AM and the rut was on. It was a 12 minute drive over to the farm and then a 15-minute hike up the old farm road to the top of the mountain and the tree that I took a 10-point buck from last November.

I arrived breathing heavily and more than a little sweaty. After I quickly attached my bow to my pull-up rope then attached my climber and harness to the tree, I boarded and started climbing.  A membership at the local gym would be nonsense today because I just had one heck of a workout for free. I finally got to stand level about 18 feet up and attached the top of the climber to the tree and adjusted my tether. When I reached down to grab my pull-up rope my stomach got a knot in it. My bow was indeed attached to the rope but my pack was not! I would have to climb down and get it… meaning I would have to climb the tree twice before being able to hunt…and the clock was ticking!

When I finally got back to stand level sweat was pouring from my temples. Next I heard the distant but nearing tale-tale sound of foot falls of a buck patrolling the ridge just to the west. Now I was in trouble. The wind was almost dead calm but barely moving out of the east. He will be down wind of me. I had taken a shower with SPORT-WASH body and hair soap and sprayed down with N-O-DOR before leaving the house. He question is how long would I be wet and clammy? The answer was… about 10 minutes! Today I was wearing the base layer that our military wears in the mountains of Afghanistan. Its real tech clothing called XGO. This stuff is like magic when it comes to wicking. Tests against the closet competition showed that XGO Acclimate Dry micro-fleece wicks 400% better than the nearest competitor.

XGO is made for our military and for hunters in America’s West End, NC. The staff is dedicated to making the best for Americas hunters…if they hunt terrorists or whitetails.

The XGO scientists also pioneered the development of an anti-odor anti-microbial to meet the demands of our military that may be on extended patrols. They call the layer Scent Prevent Technology because it stops body odor before it starts by killing the surface bacteria that causes odor.

If that wasn’t enough the guys at XGO then incorporated a second layer of fabric that utilizes new X-STATIC silver thread technology that acts as a mechanical anti-microbial. In short the surface bacteria on a hunter don’t have a chance.

In just 10-15 minutes the wicking ability of my technical base layer or as they call it, SCENTSLAYER Technology had solved my problem. I was dry. It seemed so unlikely that I could have dried out so quickly, but then again I don’t know how cell phones work either. Its cutting edge technology and I can see the results. That’s good enough for me.

XGO BASE LAYERS are real scent control with XSTATIC silver technology and SCENT PREVENT anti-bacterial treatment that doesn’t need recharging. Just XGO Hunt.

That was a buck I heard coming down the ridge. He passed at just over 25 yards. He wasn’t as wide as his ears and he didn’t smell me. That’s one bad thing and one good thing. I saw 2 other bucks and 3 does on my 2 hour marathon hunt and had a memorable day without tightening the string. Whitetail bowhunting is a game of nuances. You have to do everything right to win. Sometimes those things are fully in my control, like scent control and wearing forgiving base layers that will perform under real life conditions. That’s why the US military chose the XGO base layers for our guys defending freedom and that’s why I wear them.

Sponsored by: Whitetail University, Atsko Products 

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