By: Brian

The Fallow Deer Bowhunt, And More!

I wasn’t going to turn him down as fallow deer are one of my favorite exotics to hunt! Larry explained to me that he had a spotted, white fallow that I could try and spot and stalk. We each grabbed a snack and got back at the hunt!

Larry volunteered to run the video camera so I gave him a quick crash course on videoing. He told me he would do his best to get the animal and shot in frame if we should have any luck. Silently we crept through the creek bed scanning the area for the white, spotted fallow. Larry saw the fallow first as he crested the bank of the creek. The fallow was bedded between some logs and in a good spot for us to put on a stock. I ranged the buck and he was 82 yards away.

Over the next 20 minutes I was able to creep within 42 yards of the bedded buck. Larry and I decided to try and close the distance a bit more looking for the best shot. I needed the buck to stand up from his bed so I could get a shot at his vitals.  Again, I was on the move sneaking closer and closer. I was able to get to 25 yards before the bucks stood up. He was behind a few trees and his vitals were split by two trees. I set my HHA site at 25 yards, drew my bow, exhaled, and let the BEA Zombie Slayer fly! The NuFletch Ignitor nock made it easy to see the arrow hit the fallow perfectly.

The sound of the Grim Reaper Hybrid broadhead hitting the buck was sweet music to my ears. The buck kicked and began to run to my left. Immediately the buck turned and began coming right at me. Suddenly he staggered and then he fell 5 yards away from where I was standing. I was concerned for a moment about him charging again so I stood still. But he was  down for good.

Larry was excited that he got the whole hunt on video. He loved watching the arrow squeak through the two trees to find the vitals of the buck.

The Fallow Deer Video

This was a time for celebration on a successful hunt. I helped Larry go back to get the Polaris and we dressed the buck and took him back to the skinning shack.

Two amazing trophies on two well placed shots. I was having so much fun at the Pig Farm! What else could we do before the sun would set?

Larry had a plan for hunting a Mouflon Ram.

After taking the fallow deer back to the skinning shack, Larry made a plan to hunt a crazy, wild, Mouflon ram he had. I had never hunted Mouflon before and I was excited about seeing one and having this opportunity. Larry and I left in a hurry as the sun was starting to set in the west.

Larry led me to a new part of his preserve that he knew well. The Mouflon loved to hide in some of the tall thick cover in this section of the preserve. We were moving slowly scanning the area for a dark figure. I saw the Mouflon just as he saw us. He took off and headed up a steep hill that was open. We used the trees and terrain to our advantage and snuck in towards the ram.

Larry wasn’t sure if we would be able to get close enough to get a shot with my Athens. I had confidence in my ability to make a good shot at over 40 yards if needed. I had tested my equipment out to 100 yards and I knew everything would be good. The Mouflon watched for us from his elevated spot.

Larry stayed behind and I crept closer towards the ram. I reached for my rangefinder and ranged the unsuspecting ram. He was looking back towards where Larry had stopped. I told him to stay out in the open so the ram could see him. It was working. The rangefinder read 33 yards and I was confident in my ability to make the shot.

Taking a deep breath to settle myself, I reached and turned the dial on my HHA site to 33 yards. My release was already attached to my D-Loop and I was ready to make the shot. For no reason at all the ram decided to run downhill and he was headed directly at me. I quickly adjusted my site back to 20 yards as he was moving quickly.

I knelt down in some tall grass. The Mouflon was not slowing down and was closing fast. He was at a full sprint when he hit the open. I drew my bow and waited! He ran directly at me and when he was 5 yards away I released my Black Eagle Arrow! The Grim Reaper Hybrid head passed directly through him and he went another 10 yards before rolling to the ground. Larry yelled behind me that he saw the ram go down.

What an event! I thought the ram would run me over, he passed so close. The most incredible part of the day was that I used the same arrow and Grim Reaper Hybrid head for each animal.

Looking for the bright green NuFletch Ignitor nock, I found my arrow and the head was still sharp. I met Larry at the Mouflon and we talked about the hunt. What a day!!!!

Larry snapped some pictures for me and we took the ram back to the skinning shed. What an action packed day of exotic hunting! The weather was cold, the animals were active, and my equipment performed flawlessly. Larry and I wrapped up the day looking at video footage from 2 of the hunts. The Mouflon hunt didn’t get recorded as I forgot to grab the camera before we headed out. I even forgot to hit the record button on my Ultra Pro X Camera.  Still, I considered the day a huge success!