As an avid bowhunting adventure seeker, your life is all about connecting with and exploring the great outdoors. Hunting is, at its core, a way to communicate with nature and whether bowhunting, camping or just on a family vacation, you have to get out in nature, to really enjoy nature. And as you may have already discovered, RVing is one of the very best ways to facilitate those adventures.

Hunting is always a new experience every single time you pick up your bow; you never know what  you’ll encounter or whether or not you’ll successfully take home a trophy. As seasons change, so do your hunting opportunities and the landscape itself, offering endless variety and excitement.

But it’s also fun to explore new locations regardless of the hunt or outing. RVing with RVshare can help make your next trip easier, more comfortable and most importantly, more fun.

Traveling by motorhome or travel trailer allows you to combine all the freedom and flexibility of the open road with the opportunity to sleep, eat and relax after a long day in the privacy and comfort of your very own home on wheels. Tent camping is great and all but it’s undeniably nicer to have the option to kick back in front of the TV or heat up a meal quickly in a microwave!

How to Rent an RV on RVshare

Of course, renting an RV can add a considerable extra expense on top of an already not-so-cheap hobby. Big commercial rental dealerships can charge as much as $200 per night for camper rentals and depending on the model, sometimes even more than that. That’s before you factor in necessary “extras” like campsite accommodation fees, food and fuel — and although they’re wonderful in a whole lot of ways, RVs aren’t exactly known for their fuel efficiency!

Enter RVshare. It’s a new way to rent a comfortable, one-of-a-kind recreational vehicle, and it can save you a whole heap of money besides.

Here’s how it works. RV owners only use their rigs a couple of weeks out of each year on average. The rest of the time, that travel trailer or motorhome is sitting empty in the driveway or storage facility collecting dust — and depreciating in value.

RVshare offers owners the opportunity to list their privately-owned recreational vehicles for rent, turning that empty rig into extra cash in their pockets. It’s all backed by the platform’s unique matrix of renter benefits, offering unbeatable peace of mind and an easy-peasy rental process for both the renter and rentee parties.

So what does that mean for you as a potential RV renter?

Well, private RV owners can generally afford to rent their vehicles for a fraction of the price of traditional rental facilities. After all, they don’t have to keep the lights on in a huge dealership showroom… or pay for maintenance and repairs for the large number of vehicles necessary to populate a commercial rental fleet.

And since we’re talking about RVs that are actually used, vacationed in, and loved by their owners, you know your rental vehicle will be comfortable, cozy, and unique — not to mention well taken-care-of. You’ll also be fully covered by liability and collision insurance during the entirety of your rental period, as well as having access to free 24/7 roadside assistance.

Bottom line? RVshare offers you the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in a comfortable, personalized rig of your choosing — all at a fraction of the price you might pay at one of the big, nationwide rental franchises. Pretty neat, huh?

There are tons of rigs for rent all across the United States, and the listings are detailed and clear. No need to worry about fine print or extra fees you only find out about after your rental period is over. Everything’s spelled out right up front, and you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with the RV owner directly.

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Already Have a Rig of Your Own? Earn Extra Cash Today!

RVshare is a fantastic deal for those looking to rent their next vacation vehicle… but it’s an even better opportunity if you already have a rig of your own. After all, you know the frustration of watching your rig sit around doing nothing during all those days you simply can’t be outside pursuing your passion.

Finding a way to turn that wasted time into a wallet-boosting income stream sounds pretty great, right? RVshare makes it easy and stress-free — and the earning potential is serious. The average owner who lists their rig on RVshare reports earning an additional $5,000, and up to $30,000, per year. And considering how simple the rental process is, that’s basically passive income!

As we mentioned above, RVshare covers every single rental period with comprehensive insurance plans backed by A-rated insurers. Payments and communications are all made securely directly through the platform, and you’re always in control of who can rent your vehicle.

You’ll also set prices and other restrictions, such as renter age or pet allowances, all through the simple website interface. It really couldn’t be simpler to get started!

Tom and Marcie

Tom and Marcie purchased their RV in October of 2016. By April of 2017, they had $21,000 in reservations booked! Renting through RVshare has helped their RV pay for itself! Learn more about their story in the video above.

Many RVshare owners use the extra income from renting their vehicle to finance their own camping vacations, or even to pay their RVs off. Imagine owning your RV free and clear… and then earning extra discretionary cash to use however you see fit on top of that! You could boost your savings account, pay down other debts, or even purchase a new bow. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be interacting with a steady stream of adventurous, outdoor people just like you. Many of our renters say that RVshare has helped them meet lifelong friends and camping buddies.

RVshare is the largest and most trusted RV rental marketplace in the world — we’ve been featured on CNN, New York Times, NBC, Huffington Post, and Los Angeles Times, along with numerous other publications. So whether you’re looking to rent out your own rig or take a spin in someone else’s come see why so many adventurers recommend RVshare.

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