3 Cooking Techniques That Make  Tough Venison Cuts Tender

At the supermarket, you can choose the specific cut of meat you want to cook. But when you harvest your own venison, you butcher it into different cuts of meat.

That is tricky; some cuts of venison will produce tender steaks and roasts, which are delicious when cooked as you would steak. However, other cuts – like ribs, shanks, neck meat and  front-shoulder meat – are tougher and might take extra chewing after cooking. These tough cuts are delicious but must be cooked using special techniques to take the venison cuts from touh to tender meat.

Braising, Slow-Cooking and Pressure-Cooking will transform wild game from tough to tender. These methods also work well with game birds and big- and small-game animals. Add these techniques to your cooking repertoire, and you’ll enjoy the best wild-game meals available.

Coming up the next 3 days at 11:00 Central Time are the best cooking techniques for tender venison meals.