Canadian Customs – Their job is to protect the countries borders. You can assist them by having the passports for everyone in the vehicle ready to give to the Customs Agent when asked. It will be helpful for them to open each passport to the page with the picture. Be polite and don’t try to engage them in frivolous conversation.

If they want to go through your vehicle, boat, trailer, whatever — they have that right. And don’t expect them to put your stuff back.

Complaining will not get you through customs faster. Once I saw a fella totally wig out about something and in the middle of his loud ranting, right after they hand cuffed him, he learned that they have barred cells in the Custom’s facility and will use them.

Passport Necessary? One word. Yes.

Blaze Orange – It is required to hunt bear in Ontario. You need a vest and cap. And the regulations state that you have to have them on, with the one exception of when you’re in a treestand. Pick up the hunting regulations at the place where you get your bear license so you are on top of this because you will get a hefty fine if you mess up.

Chef Klaus ( Mike Ditchler) with video camera and our bearhunting host Fred Lutger

Bow Case – After 9:40 PM your bow must be in a case in Ontario, Canada. If you are still in your treestand the bow needs to be in the case and lowered to the ground. Once I flew to the hunt I brought my bow in a hard case. Carrying a heavy hard case in and out of the woods and especially having it with me up in a treestand was a major inconvenience. So, at the game wardens suggestion to a previous hunter, I got a XL pillow case and made a drawstring at the open end. It worked just fine.

We met a hunter who was checked by a game warden while still in his treestand after 9:40. His bow was already laying on the ground but it wasn’t in a case. The game warden fined him $180. So on your hunting trip to Ontario be sure you have a portable case for your bow and take it with you to your stand. And use it after dark.

Tagging Your Bear

You are required to Tag your bear before it is moved. What that means is your bear must be tagged where you find it. If you move it you have to have your bear tagged.

So you’re thinking, “I’m way back in the forest, how would they know.” Here’s how…

With the popularity of Smartphones most bear hunters want a picture of them with their bear. So they pose the bear the best they can and have a buddy take a picture.

Sounds good, right?

Maybe not! These days when a game warden stops you on the road or comes to your camp, he checks for your license. When he finds out you killed a bear he cheerfully asks to see the picture on your phone. After he looks at the picture he congratulates you and if your tag was not on the bear he writes you a ticket.

And, enjoy your Canadian bear hunt. The fishing if fantasstic, the country is beautiful, and the first bear you see just while hunting alone  just might make your arrow rattle on your arrowrest.