Howard Hill, famous archer and bowhunter hunts for the big, dangerous Marlin Sword Fish with his bow and arrow. Video narrated by Ronald Reagan.

A group of men are on the Errol Flynn’s yacht the Scirocco heading down the Pacific coast to go fishing, but not just ordinary fishing. Among the group is archer Howard Hill who has used this skill in the past for big game hunting.

Hill practices his archery skill by using a life preserver as a target, and by shooting flying fish gliding above the water. This practice is all in the preparation for the main target, the great blue marlin, which Hill plans on shooting with a specially rigged bow and arrow like harpoon, before the marlin is brought in by conventional rod and reel.

After Hill gets to reel one in, he gives the turn to one of his less experienced crew. Regardless of if they get the fish, the act of marlin fishing is fraught with danger as the marlin tries to win the battle. Narrated by Ronald Reagan, Warner Brothers, 1939. No copyright infringement intended. All credits for the video uploaded goes to the producers. Original Howard Hill Archery Langbogen bestellen: