The call geniuses at Flextone are known for pumping out innovative game calls that get the job done when others fail, and at a range of hunter-friendly prices. Known for ultra-realistic tones produced by flexible materials that closely approximate the soft tissues of the real animals they’re designed to imitate, more and more Flextone calls are finding their way into the pockets and onto the lanyards of hunters every season.

With the increasing availability of gobbler decoys on the market today, many hunters have started to use the illusion of turkey dominance to bag their trophy toms. But visible cues are only a part of this rouse. Since dominant toms often listen to their domain from the safety of heavy cover and dark shadows, pushing his fight button can require additional stimuli beyond an intruder jake or gobbler decoy. This is when a vocalization or two – one that demands attention – can seal the deal.

In these cases, using a compelling gobble call is a great way to push him over the edge. But many gobbler calls can take years to master, and even seasoned hunters aren’t immune from the racing heart, trembling hands and quivering lips that often manifest when a big stud gobbler struts in. The last thing a hunter needs to deal with when gobbler fever sets in is the temporary inability to make a call work properly.  Fortunately, Flextone has given hunters the simple advantage they need to spur that big boy into action when he’s locked up out of range.

The new Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble is an easy-to-master bellows style call featuring durable construction for years of carefree use. Just give it a shake and this simple-yet-effective call produces incredibly accurate, natural gobbles.

Following hen yelps and cutts with a gobble – just like real turkeys do – is a great way to create additional realism and intrigue in your calling repertoire. The Thunder Shaker Gobble allows a single hunter to use a mouth call to create hen sounds, and then unleash an incredibly realistic gobble at just the right time. When the boss hears one of his ladies being courted by an intruder, he’ll often come running right in to settle the matter.

Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble

  • Very easy to use
  • Shake for incredibly realistic, natural gobbles
  • Durable construction for long-term performance

Model #FLXTK136 / UPC #8-15097-00136-2

MSRP: $17.99

Turkey hunting is difficult. Stubborn toms and complex calls don’t make it any easier. For times when Ol’ Tom needs to hear evidence of what he’s seeing, Flextone’s new Thunder Shaker Gobble is the ideal shake and wake tool to fire that gobbler up and bring him strutting into your decoy set.

Wrapping a tag around a long-spurred leg has never been this easy.