I’ve performed on stage as long as some of today’s TV hunting celebrities have been alive.  33 years this year.  If you define a professional athlete as one that performs for money, 33 years is a pretty long run.  My mind is on the future though.  What shot will I try next?  What will be our next big show?  How can I get more people excited about archery?

A letter arrived yesterday from one of our show promoters and I wanted to share it with readers of this column.

Fred Hall & Associates
American Sportfishing Association

P.O. BOX 2925
Camarillo, CA 93011

Aspirin Buster
Frank Addington

Dear Frank,
Please feel free to use my name in promoting your “Aspirin Buster” Archery
Event. I would be happy to encourage anyone to use your activity to promote their
We used you for several years in multiple locations and the results were outstanding. Not only did virtually every TV station in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego come to our shows to cover your activity, but you demonstrated a unique ability to connect with the reporters and to promote our events at all times.
We have been producing shows for 65 years and your activity was in the top five, all time, for getting us “free” publicity. We will be using you again in the future.

Bart Hall
Fred Hall & Associates
(805) 389-3339

What’s funny is that really I am just following in the tracks of some of the sport’s legends I admired.  Fred Bear, Rev. Stacy Groscup and others who knew how to promote the sport of archery and get the next generation excited about it.  I appreciate all of the show promoters that hire me for their venues.    Special thanks to all of the sponsors, including Hoyt, Easton, Muzzy, Eze-Eye Archery, SKB Cases, Addington’s Bowhunter Shop, Robinson Outdoors, Bowhunting.net and Resistol hats.

I have been blessed to have such a great career in a sport full of folks like you.  Archers and bowhunters are the best.  The 2018 HAVE BOW WILL TRAVEL rolls on.

Shoot Straight,

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