By: Brian

Northwest Pennsylvania is full of dedicated, diehard turkey hunters. I happen to be one of them! I remember as a young boy, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, when there were very few wild turkeys around. I was lucky enough to harvest my first one in 1990 while fall hunting at my friend’s camp. It was going to be however, many more years before I actually started purchasing turkey calls and learning how to talk sexy to the longbeards.

Erie, Pennsylvania has hosted an Outdoor Expo for the past 20 plus years. I have attended the event every year and I have met some amazing people from the outdoor industry. This is where I was introduced to Ken Hammel, owner of Mountain Hollow Game Calls. Ken has been in the turkey call business for 35 years. He is passionate about turkey and hunting in general. His other passion is the Lord, as he is also a minister.

Before I could use a mouth call I started with box calls. I purchased a box call from Ken years ago and found that it was easy to work and it also sounded great. Today, Mountain Hollow Game Calls offers a variety of box calls. Ken and his team tune each box call so you can get the most authentic sound. Ken uses different types of wood like Sassafras, Maple, Poplar, Mahogany, Butternut, Cherry and Walnut. Each has a different sound but my personal favorite is the Walnut Box Call. I have used this call with a great deal of success. It sounds great and I can easily use it as a locator call. With just a small stroke of the paddle over the box I can make many different kinds of calls and they all sound great. Many PA Toms have come looking for love after I have used this box call and it didn’t end the way they thought it would. Mountain Hollow Game Calls also makes an All Weather Box call that is waterproof. If you hunt in bad weather, like we all do, this is a must have in your turkey vest.

Walnut Box Call

I have to admit that it took me quite some time to even think about a mouth call. For some reason I just didn’t think I would be any good at using one. After some success with making a few yelps and cackles I was a believer in using a mouth call. I often like to say that Mountain Hollow Game Calls is the Baskin Robbins of turkey calls. Yep, that is right, they have 19 varieties of mouth calls. On their website you will see 7 different styles of prophylactic mouth calls, each has a different color and unique name: Deadly Diva, Drama Queen, G.F. Gobbler Getter, Lil’ Princess, Prima Donna, Radical Hen, and Whistl’n Kee Kee.

Radical Hen Mouth Call

You can take a minute on the webpage and click on each call for a detailed description of each. After trying a few of the calls and cutting a little off each for the best fit, I found them easy to use. The call that I really enjoy using is the Radical Hen call. It is easy for me to purr, putt, cluck, and even kee kee run. I am really looking forward to using this call in the upcoming season.

Also in the mouth call line they have a latex line for hunters to choose from. I have used many of these in the past. Two I really like are the Old Mama Hen and the Raspy III Intimidator. It seems as if the gobblers, where I hunt, really go crazy for the Raspy III Intimidator call. Just last hunting season I sealed the deal on a lovesick longbeard at 40 yards with my bow. With just a few cutts from the Raspy III Intimidator I was able to pull the gobbler away from his hen for a perfect kill shot. If you like using mouth calls Ken has many to choose from to work those tight lipped, henned up birds.

Raspy III Intimidator


2017 Spring Archery Turkey Hunt

Besides having box calls and mouth calls, Mountain Hollow Game Calls also makes Friction Calls, Cackle Box Calls, and Strikers. I am a huge fan of their Double Talk Extreme Extended Range Friction Call. This call is two sided and the perfect tone and pitch make it one of my go to calls. Each of the friction calls comes with two strikers and sandpaper. There are a few different strikers to choose from to make those friction calls sing sweet purrs and clucks. If a friction call is not for you and you want something simple you need to try the Cackle Box Call. There are two wood type Cackle Box Calls made of Walnut or Cedar. Both are simple push button calls and getting authentic sounds is easy as lightly pushing the button. This is a great call to get that young, beginner hunter.

Double Talk Extreme Extended Range Friction Call

Ken and his staff visit many parts of the country doing demonstrations of each of the products. If you walk into a show where they are you will often hear the staff using some of the locator calls they make. You might hear a crow or coyote locator call. The crew from Mountain Hollow Game Calls love to talk shop with other hunters. They will take the time to inform you on each of the calls they have and how they work. You can often find Ken teaching a seminar on turkey or deer.

Cackle Box Call

Mountain Hollow Game Calls also produces a Grunt Tube Call for deer, Cover Scents, and Lures. Their website is easy to navigate and each product has a brief but detailed description. Ken likes for his customers to know where he is throughout the year so he has an information tab on which shows they will be attending. You can also follow the whole team on Facebook. (Mountain Hollow Game Calls)

If you love to talk turkey and see those jellyheads hit the ground, I have had plenty of success with and  highly recommend Mountain Hollow Game Calls.

For more information please check out his website: Mountain Hollow Game Calls

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