As we get older some parts of our anatomy begin to lose the sharpness we once knew.  Often diminished eyesight requires us to wear glasses.  Unfortunately sometimes our hearing fades as well.  I know because I’m experiencing both of these conditions.

There’s nothing worse than having a big buck sneak in on you and you had no idea he was close by.  This past hunting season I decided I need something to help me hear well.  I have known about Walkers for many years but never felt a need to try their products.  I researched the various hearing aids they offered and there are many.  The Silencer Ear Buds seemed to provide what I needed.

The Ear Buds are small and fit in your ear.  They have separate controls so you can adjust them independently.  The buds have three sizing fins (the piece that curves into your ear).  Silicone and foam pads allow you to pick the size that fits you best.  I will add they are very comfortable.

The buds contain integrated omni-directional microphones and full dynamic range speakers which I found provide a clear crisp sound in your ear.  I was concerned that I might lose one due to their small size, but that is overcome by a lanyard which is provided so you can tie them together.

The on/off switch is user friend but I marked mine with a permanent marker so I could be sure they were off when stored.  This helped to avoid running the batteries down when not in use.

The buds are powered by #10 batteries and have an estimated use time of 80 hours, which I found to be pretty accurate.  One feature I never tested was the sound activated compression which protects your hearing from loud noises.  I didn’t have the opportunity to be wearing them under situations like gun fire to test the effectiveness of that feature, although I have no doubts of its effectiveness.

The Ear Buds would be a worthwhile investment this spring so you can hear the distance call of a love sick tom turkey.

MSRP $229.95

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