Q: Wally from MD: Last season I hunted a tom I couldnt kill. He’d gobble on the roost and flydown to nearly the same area every day. He’d answer my calls from about 100 yards but never close the gap. What would you have done?
A: Sounds like he was flying down and hitting a strut zone every morning. I would have set up where he was flying down. Then after he flew down, assess his mood and engage him. SE

Q: Luke from GA: Scott I am wanting to get into using mouth calls. Can you give me some suggestions of calls to learn on. Another hunter suggested Quakerboy kee kee, Copperhead 1, and Woodhaven Yellow jacket. Do you agree and would your DVD be beneficial to me learning or is it for more advanced callers?
A: Those are all great calls to learn on. I would also suggest the Scott Ellis signature, Raspy Red Reactor, Yellow Venom, Copperhead and the Red Wasp(all from Woodhaven). Any call that easily produces rasp is a great one to start with. As for my DVD Mouth Call Magic, it is a more advanced learning DVD, but I did just upload a Mouth Calling 101 youtube.com video. See below video. SE

 Q: Rick from KY: What is your best tool for practicing to improve the realism in your calling?

A: Once you have mastered the call your using, whether mouth call, pot call etc. I Simply listen to WILD turkeys and mimic there cadences and tones. There are hours of footage on youtube as well a couple of great audio CD’s out there, Spittin Feathers and Tree Top Turkeys. SE

Q: Jeremy from IL:I’ve got a small tract of land to deer hunt this weekend (nov9-10) Have several good scrapes on property borders. What’s the best position to hunt?
A:With such a small piece, the WIND is going to be critical to what your doing. Ensure that you use it to your advantage. Hunt into the prevailing wind side of the property. If the bucks are cruising and the sign is good as your seeing, it puts you in a great position to bag a bruiser! SE
Q: Steve from VA:  I’ve been turkey hunting for 25 yrs but jut got into it hard within the last 3 years. When starting a cutting sequence there are times (i feel) there is suction trapped between the top of my mouth and the call making it difficult to start cutting. Once the initial air goes through I can continue the cutting. What’s the fix? P.S. : Love mouth call magic. yelping is now much better 
A: It sounds to me like you have too much jaw tension. Be sure to start your cutting sequence with relaxed jaws. Also practice a starting “que” to begin your cutting. Something simple like counting down from 3. 3-2-1 “cut” or simulate the cutting motion with your jaws, tongue and lips without any air. After a few practice moves simply add the air. SE

Q: Jonathon from OH: What cuts do you run on the stage?
A: I run two cuts on stage, My Woodhaven Scott Ellis signature call, and a modified cutter.  SE
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