A very slow and windy morning in my treestand. With the new time change I made myself sit in my stand till 9am! Which I thought to myself, “it’s really 10am! ?” No deer movement, only limb brats. So 9am finally rolls around and I climb down.

Instead of going back to my truck I decided to go through the woods and look for some rubs and scrapes. As I got deeper into the woods I did find a few rubs but no scrapes. So I kept going, thinking I would make a circle and head back in. As I walked a little farther I caught movement ahead of me!

It was wild hogs and they were 70 yards out! I thought to myself, “I need to close the gap,” and with the wind blowing like it was I knew I could get close.

As I made my stalk I got closer and closer, and I pulled out my range finder. I was only 35 yards away. So I eased up closer yet and waited for the perfect shot, which didn’t take long.

As the hogs fed along the creek one of them turned just right and I knew it was now or never. I picked my spot and released the beautiful flight of the green Gold Tip arrow tipped with a Magnus Black Hornet. “Whack”!!! The arrow hit its mark dropping the Wild hog in its tracks!

It let out a loud roaring squeal and I knew it was down for the count! The other hogs scattered through the timber.

As I crossed the creek to retrieve my wild hog I look up and see my wife’s ladderstand a few yards away! ? Woops, this was her hog spot where she just put out corn the day before.

I had no idea I was that close to her area and thought “I’m in trouble”! I felt kinda bad and then I thought, she would have done the same thing! ? Long story short … the pig is dead! And headed for our dinner table.

This hunt is shared from Xpedition Archery.