I wanted to let you know that the TV episode featuring my long time bowhunting buddy and close friend Rick Philippi is on the Pursuit Channel in the Keith Warren show THE HIGH ROAD. This Episode is Rick Philippi’s  2017 opening weekend bowhunt on Texas Hidden Springs Ranch is airing this week on THE HIGH ROAD on the Pursuit Channel.

Below is the video link that is available on THE HIGH ROAD and on Keith’s YouTube Channel.

Please find below the dates and times the episode will be airing on the Pursuit Channel (CST).
(DirectTv 604 / DISH 393 / AT&T Uverse 1644)

  1. Monday, April 16th 2 pm (CST)
  2. Wednesday, April 18th 7:30 am & 11:00 pm (CST)
  3. Thursday, April 19th 8 pm (CST)