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By: Brian Smith

In the Midwest, spring has arrived in a fury with an April snowstorm and yet we are very excited because turkey season has opened in many states. Iowa spring wild turkey season does not open until April 16th so with an itch to get out I headed to Nebraska for a couple days with my father-in-law, Marty Stubstad, who has arrowed 94 gobblers with a bow. This is my third time hunting the cornhusker state in the spring and I’ll be going back as long as the good Lord allows.

Marty with one of his 94 birds.

To say there is a day and night difference between turkey hunting in Iowa and Nebraska would be an understatement. I was blessed to hunt on a private farm loaded with a large flock of beautiful white-tipped Merriams. The first morning that we sat together we had over 50 gobblers come in right off the roost. Although they were not decoying yet, the pure sight of that many wild turkeys coming your direction in the sunrise was truly breathtaking. It was such an incredible moment and I was very fortunate to have my camera with me to video it all so people would actually believe what I was seeing.

That camera was a Tactacam 4.0, a camera designed for hunters by hunters. I love these camera so much that I run 2 of them on my bow during every hunt. One is mounted above my sight so it clears the bottom of the blind, and the other a 4.0 Wide Angle that faces back toward me off the riser of my bow to catch all of the priceless reactions on my face.

Tactacam, making sure every shot gets shot.

Hunting is about creating memories, and I use my Tactacam to record those moments so I can share the hunt with friends and family forever. I highly recommend you check them out at

Hunt Safe ‘n Hunt Hard.

Brian Smith

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