Of course we all know a bow blowing up, or an arrow blowing up sending pieces of bow and arrow all over the place, only happens occasionally and only to other people. Carbon arrows are perfect now so no need to worry, or look them over while shooting. Heck, that little nick won’t hurt anything and besides, arrows ain’t cheap so you won’t be throwing ones away that have a little abrasion, or nick in them right? Besides, we never check our arrows while shooting anyway. Take the chance. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, how about when that arrow or bow blows up that carbon arrow shatters and the end with a whole bunch of razor sharp daggers ends up going through your hand? Life threatening? Not likely but how about making your hand a useless appendage with the vessels, tendons, nerves, bones shattered, cut and now full of broken pieces of carbon that has to, hopefully, be extracted from what’s left of your bow hand. Course spending a few bucks on the Shooting Edge ProTx Hand Guard could have prevented this but heck, won’t happen to you will it? That’s not what archer Dwayne Spangler thought. Dwayne was smart and is glad he bought and wore his ProTx Hand Guard on the day his bow did blow up and his arrow did go into pieces. He’s still shooting.


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