Archery Encounters LLC Announces: Archery Geek TV

Tim Case, owner of Archery Encounters LLC announced that Archery Geek TV™ will begin production June 1, 2018 and will feature multiple segments each episode including coach’s tips and shooting techniques, Archery’s place and influence in both world and pop culture, guest interviews and outdoors tips for beginners.

“Archery Geek TV™ is aimed at the 65% in our sport that don’t bowhunt and new recruits to the sport that have interests beyond our industry’s traditional focus. The show will air on Cable Access then be available for subscription download with teaser segments available on YouTube and all Archery Encounters LLC social media and websites”, Tim said of the show.

When interviewed, Tim said “We have a chasm in archery that needs to be bridged. In my daily walks downtown I speak with dozens of people that have an interest in archery, but have never been ‘recruited’ into the sport; single mothers, hipsters, youth and families from all backgrounds that are looking for community activity to join as well as fun family activities. This show is geared toward them. Archery has always been a big part of Geek culture, whether Dungeons and Dragons, Live Action Roleplaying, Fantasy genre films and literature, etc,  there is a bow and arrow front and center; Archery Geek TV™ is the perfect medium to grow the sport and bond the larger community”.

Archery Geek TV™ is seeking sponsorships and offers several packages tailored to fit any budget. For details email Tim Case at

Archery Encounters has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $5,000.00 to defray the costs of production for the first season. This is a great opportunity for archers and bowhunters and small business owners within the archery industry to sponsor a show with a global reach and appeal to audiences outside the mainstream outdoor community at a very low cost. It is a great way for  everyone to support the promotion of our sport to demographics not reached by mainstream programming.


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