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By: Brian

If you have ever been to a 3D shoot one of the things you might notice is all the colorful shooter shirts the archers are wearing. Shooters promote their sponsors and also have their own names on them as well. A large percentage of the shooters will have some sort of shooter shirt or logo shirt for a company they represent. It really is kind of like NASCAR.  

There are a few companies out there that will customize shirts for you  or for your business. I have purchased a few shooter shirts and they turned out alright. Most of them were plain and lacked color or detail. I was looking for something with a little more flash, and showcased archery in a different way. I was looking for a company that would allow me to design my own unique shooter shirt and, after a quick search I found ArcheryBum. “Archery clothing made and designed by archers!”

 ArcheryBum has only been around for a little over a year but has quickly made a name for themselves with some of the most creative designers out there. A quick visit to their site, www.archerybum.com, and you will see what I am talking about. They offer T-Shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies, Hats, and soon they will have Jackets. Their site is easy to navigate, full of examples of products and has simple directions so you can customize and order what you want. There is even a page for those who want to be on the ArcheryBum Pro Staff or Field Staff.


Author showing off his new short sleeve creation.

The ArcheryBum T-Shirts are a popular selling item with 4 different designs in sizes Small to 4XL.  These T-Shirts come in Charcoal Heather and Midnight Black and the details are amazing. All T-Shirts are 100% ultra-soft cotton, double needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem and pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage. These are comfortable, high quality, premium shirts.


If you are into 3D, Field Archery, or any other sport you have to check out the Jerseys. The designers at ArcheryBum have created 9 customizable shooter jerseys that can be ordered in long sleeve or short sleeve. All are fade proof,  UV Protected and available in Small to 5XL.  Each jersey then has 9 different colors or pattern schemes to give you a ton of options to choose from. It took me quite some time to even pick out the right jersey and color before I began to customize one. Once I decided which jersey I wanted I then used the simple steps on the website to customize my jersey. Each jersey comes with your last name and up to 6 logo spots. It really is very easy.

 With my jersey order complete I also decided to look at the Hoodie. There is one hoodie in 6 different colors. It has a water resistant exterior, a polar fleece interior, is fade proof and come in sizes up to 3XL. There is a large pocket on the front of the hoodie to keep your hands warm and there are 8 logo spots for you to fill. Again, you can get your last name on the back of the hoodie. I ordered a Hulk Smash green hoodie and filled all 8 logo spots.


ArcheryBum also offers a cool hat, and some nice waterproof and fade proof decals. They were also working on a zip up jacket. I bookmarked the site and headed to Facebook to join their page. I figured they would share any new products on Facebook and I could get an update when something new was created.

 My order came about 4 weeks after I had placed it. My shooter shirt turned out amazing and the attention to detail was remarkable. Each logo was colorful and clear.  I tried it on and the sizing was perfect. The material was light, soft, comfortable and breathable and really stood out. I was looking forward to wearing it to my next archery shoot. The hoodie was even more impressive and is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever worn.


 Some archery businesses like Black Eagle Arrows have partnered with ArcheryBum to offer some brand specific jerseys. Since I am on the BEA Pro Staff, I ordered my own personalized Black Eagle Arrow jersey.

 If you are an active archer, company owner or sports team, I highly recommend you give ArcheryBum an opportunity to create a jersey, hoodie, or T-Shirt for you or your group. The customer service is top notch and the designers pay close attention to detail. I guarantee that once you try their products you will be hooked. ArcheryBum will do amazing in the archery industry for many years.

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Sponsored by: Black Eagle Arrows & Grim Reaper Broadheads

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