By: Gary Elliott

The Pelican Voyager is made of a rigid polycarbonate shell and I tested it by dropping my nearly $1000.00 Galaxy X9+ from around 6.5’ and it was not even scratched. Next, I set the phone halfway off the edge of my desk and slapped the overhanging part which caused the phone to fly up and again hit the cement tiled floor and again no damage not even a scratch. As the website states, “Multiple layers of rigid polycarbonate and energy-absorbing TPR working together to protect your phone”.

The case is easy to hold in one hand even when conditions are not that good. This is due to the soft-touch over-mold that also protects against scratching tables and glass when setting it down.

As far as the dust and waterproofing there really isn’t any. The area by the camera is open and the protective shield is removable and there isn’t a gasket around it. This did allow some dirt  to get in  between the protective shield and the camera glass. The protective shield protecting the gorilla glass on the phone does a good job of this but is a magnet for fingerprints meaning daily cleaning if you do not want fingerprints. There is a holster for the phone that clips on your belt, pants, backpack or wherever to secure your phone. I personally don’t like having the holster and clipping the phone on me. Should you ever break the case or holster just remember Pelican is “Guaranteed for life: You break it, we replace it…forever™”.  Color choices are black and gray and this unit runs $59.99 on the Pelican website.

Overall, it is a case you can count on to protect your phone from all those times you drop it or the phone gets knocked off tables and it’s also backed by a lifetime warranty. Most phones these days are waterproof down to 6 to 12 feet so keeping the phone waterproof really isn’t necessary for this case but protecting from damage due to impact certainly is.

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