Frank Addington Jr. is a friend of mine and he recently performed his Aspirin Buster archery show in Waco, TX for the South 40 OUTDOOR EXPO. So I threw my overnight bag in my pickup and headed East toward Waco.

On the way I stopped at the Coffee Shop Cafe in McGregor to eat breakfast. This place has the best home cooked food around here, breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, as I took my seat they began bringing food out for the lunch buffet. Normally buffet food is somewhere between lackluster and tasteless.

Not so at the McGregor’s Coffee Shop Cafe. I waited 10 minutes and went to their delicious buffet and enjoyed a very good meal. Then found the Expo in Waco. While I was looking around for Frank he saw me and I got a text from him and crossed the hall to where he was.

Frank performed one of his Aspirin Buster shows and, among fancy shooting things, shot baby aspirins out of the air. In between shows we spent a little time doing short interviews that I recorded on my iPhone.

One of the cool things about Frank Addington Jr. is when he does his shows he always talks about archery and the outdoors. Also, he always spends time with people and answers their questions.

Frank Addington Jr. answering questions and talking to a few attendees at to the 2018 South 40 OUTDOOR EXPO.

When the Expo wound up a group of us went to Captain Billy Whizzbangs to eat some of their famous burgers and onion rings. It was fun and the burgers were excellent.

I sincerely appreciate Frank’s attitude about archery as well as life and during the show I made several interviews with Frank. Here is one about kids.

Afterwards I aimed the Bowmobile toward home and rolled on.