Above is Fred Lutger, Robert Hoague (me) and Rick Philippi after getting our badges for the events at the 2018 NRA Convention.

On Wednesday afternoon I drove to Keller, TX and went to Rick Philippi’s home. His wife Cathy made chicken and dumplings for our dinner. It was fantastic.

The next day Rick and I drove to downtown Dallas and met Fred Lutger and Cathleen Lutger at their hotel the Camino Roelle and we  went over to the Convention Center. Inside, we got our tickets and name tags for the NRA activities.

Next, we met Leah and Paul Millhuff, who are Fred’s daughter and her husband.  Then we got a Uber and went to eat dinner at Rafa’s Mexican restaurant in Highland Park. They serve excellent Mexican food.

Following dinner we all returned to where we were staying and turned in  the next day would be a busy one at the NRA.