By: Rick Philippi

I have been shooting Black Gold sights for the past ten years and their clarity and brightness is second to none. They are 20% brighter than any other top bow sight on the market and this is due to the innovative SkyCoil technology. This method is 300% more efficient at gathering light. Light comes from above and that is where Black Gold positions the SkyCoil, on top of the sight gathering light in great quantity. This effective system gathers and transfers light to the wrapped fiber pins. The results are brighter pins during low light situations enabling the hunter to make a lethal and accurate shot.

Vengeance Bow Sight

I have been bowhunting for 44 years and the older I have gotten the harder it is for me to see the pins. Black Gold sights enable my old eyes to see the pins distinctly and clearly allowing me to be confident in my shot opportunities. A discovery I made a few years ago allowing me to hunt the last few minutes of shooting hours from inside my Double Bull is Black Gold’s “Blind Man’s Light”. This cool little light attaches to the top of the sight and has three light levels which are operated by twisting the head of the light. This is a must have for anyone who hunts from a contained blind. At dark thirty, it will light up your pins like it’s the middle of the day.

Another feature with huge benefits that Black Gold offers is the PhotoChromatic shell that controls the pin brightness. In low light, the shell is clear allowing the maximum light gathering and very bright pins. In bright light the shell will turn dark purple, blocking the UV light and dulling over the bright pins.

The inch wheel micro adjustment is also another cool feature offered on some of the Black Gold sights. All of us bowhunters want to adjust our sights to precise accuracy. The top of the line sights feature Inch Wheel Adjustments which takes the guesswork out of sighting in you bow. It is this simple; one turn of the wheel translates into a one inch aiming point change at 20 yards.

I have been hunting with Black Gold sights for the past 10 years and I can say versus all other sights that I have seen and used, their clarity and brightness leads the pack. All Black Gold sights are made in the USA! To learn more about these quality bow sights go to