By: Mian Azhar

It’s extremely important to understand that higher magnification in binoculars doesn’t give you better results, which means that an 8x magnification would be the best option you could choose if you want to go deer hunting.

Specifications have to be balanced:

Firstly, we need to keep in mind that magnification, eye relief and field of view are three attributes that have to be very well-balanced in order to make up the best binocular. Now, if you were to choose a higher magnification thinking that this might help you out in the woods, you couldn’t be more wrong. This will actually make you see less by giving you a narrower field of view and a shorter eye relief, as going higher in one specification will affect the other two in an opposite way. One of the reasons why this is a bad thing is the fact that as we all know, the field of view is extremely important when going hunting for deer, as every small detail matters.

The field of view should not be too wide:

On the other hand, if for example you want to go for a wide field of view of a binocular, you must carefully pay attention to all the specifications, as a binocular of this type might have worse features, such as an extremely short eye relief. This kind of binocular would clearly create discomfort, which would not make it usable for too long. This is exactly why you should be very cautious about choosing a binocular if you want to use the binocular for a long time and in various conditions. Because of this, you must be completely sure that you make the right choice when purchasing one, as finding a balance is crucial.

One more thing to take into consideration: depth of field:

The distance that exists between the nearest and the furthest object (by nearest we mean the human eye) is called depth of field, which is also known as the’ zone of acceptable focus’. This distance is able to give us a focused image and what is essential to remember is that the depth of field, similarly to the field of view, is better on a lower magnification binocular. Also, since we’re talking about binoculars that work best for deer hunting, you should know that the best option is the one that gives you comfort no matter what the lightning conditions are and will not strain your eyes.

Best choice?  An 8X binocular:

Our eyes are extremely sensitive to lighting conditions, but the good part is that the ability of a binocular to gather light does not change based on the brightness of the day. This is why it is important to know if you need an 8x or a 10x binocular to hunt. Thus, going for an 8x binocular of good quality should give you an average exit pupil of approx. 5mm. This is your best option if you want to make sure you have no problems with the light at various moments of the day or in a thick forest. And in case you were wondering, finding gear for deer hunting shouldn’t be a problem either.