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By: M.R. James

AS AN ADMITTED ADDICT of bowhunting history and trivia, I like to occasionally pose questions about the sport in my columns and articles. The goal is to challenge my readers’ knowledge of important bowhunting milestones and certain documented accomplishments of notable bowhunters. Such nuggets of information about the sport and its trailblazers add to the rich fabric being woven year after year by sportsmen and women who willingly accept the challenge of hunting the hard way.

Following are 20-plus very easy, more challenging, and downright difficult questions for your consideration. Enjoy, learn, and remember.

  1. The recent death of Mel Johnson once again spotlighted this Illinois bowhunter’s World Record (Typical) Whitetail Deer. Mel’s giant buck has reigned as bowhunting’s Number One deer since 1965, scoring an incredible 204-4/8 Pope and Young Club inches. What is the common nickname given to Mel’s buck?
  2. Speaking of the Pope and Young Club, name the bowhunter and home state of the very first woman to take all 29 North American big game species and complete an archery Super Slam.
  3. And speaking of women, what female bowhunter was the first to collect Africa’s dangerous Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo)?
  4. What was the name of Fred Bear’s father?
  5. What do The Magnavox Company, PSE Archery, and Bowhunter Magazine have in common?

THE “FATHER OF THE COMPOUND BOW,” H. W. Allen, was a Missouri deer hunter who designed a mechanical bow that would deliver an arrow faster than conventional stickbows. His 1966 U.S. Patent changed bowhunting forever, but can you name the man whose designs for a mechanical bow in the 1930s influenced Allen’s creative efforts?

6. In 1966 Holless Wilbur Allen was granted the first patent to produce “an archery bow with draw force multiplying attachments.” Name the creative man who sketched designs for a mechanical compound bow in the 1930s.

7. What famous bow maker crafted his first bow and arrows in 1927 by following directions published in a Boy Scouts of America magazine? Hint: He launched his own archery company bearing the family name in 1931.

BOWHUNTING LEGEND BEN PEARSON started crafting bows and arrows in the late 1920s and later launched an Arkansas-based archery manufacturing business that grew to become one of the most successful companies ever.

8. Name the California man who started making bows and arrows in his garage in 1922 and by 1939 was manufacturing aluminum arrow shafts bearing the family name.

9. Who was the Michigan bowhunter who was Fred Bear’s lifelong hunting companion and what was the name of his autobiographical book tracing Papa Bear’s memorable hunts?

10.The last survivor of the Yana or Yahi Indian tribe was captured in northern California in 1911. He was given the name Ishi by Dr. Saxton Pope and others who studied and befriended him. What does the name Ishi translate to in English?

BOB SWINEHART AND HOWARD HILL were friends and notable 20th Century bowhunters who left a lasting mark on the sport. Each man wrote memorable books that detailed their hunting exploits in Africa and North America.

11. Name the Alaskan serial killer who once claimed the Pope and Young World Record for Dall’s sheep.

12. A protégé of the legendary Howard Hill, Bob Swinehart is credited with being the first American bowhunter to collect Africa’s Big Five with a longbow. True or false? Also, what was the name of Swinehart’s 1970 book about his African adventures.

13. Name the famous Minnesota whitetail hunter whose trademark was collecting record book bucks and once held the state archery record for the largest P&Y black bear. Hint: think blond.

14. Name the West Virginia bowhunter and member of the Archery Hall of Fame who has served as Bowhunter Magazine’s Conservation Editor since the first issue was published in 1971.

THIS ALASKAN BOWHUNTER took up bowhunting to share adventures with her husband, Ken, as he fulfilled his quest for bowhunting’s Super Slam. Inspired, Anna Vorisek accepted the same challenge and became the first woman to tag all 29 species of North American big game recognized by the Pope and Young Club.

15. Name the bowhunter who designed and produced Muzzy broadheads in the 1980s. Also, what is his connection to noted traditional bowhunter Fred Eichler?

16. Bill Wadsworth is recognized as the “Father of Bowhunter Education.” What name did he use for his book of bowhunting tips?

BILL WADSWORTH WAS KNOWN as “The Father of Bowhunter Education” and we worked together to spread the gospel of safe, responsible bowhunting. Bill authored and edited books and pamphlets for use in Bowhunter Ed classes. Do you know the name he used in his “Tips” booklets?

17. Who is the first bowhunter to collect bowhunting’s Super Slam using longbows?

18. Pope and Young Club founder Glenn St Charles was affectionately known by what nickname by many of his P&Y friends and Club officers?

19. What woman bowhunter has held the World Record title for Quebec-Labrador caribou since 1984? Hint: Fred Bear was Best Man at her wedding.

CAROL MAUCH’S WORLD RECORD Quebec-Labrador Caribou has reigned since 1984 when she and husband Dick journeyed from their Nebraska ranch to the tundra of northern Quebec. Dick was a longtime friend and hunting buddy of Fred Bear, who was Best Man at Dick and Carol’s wedding.

20. Name one of Howard Hill’s books and feature films.


  1. “The Beanfield Buck”
  2. Anna Vorisek, Alaska
  3. Joella Bates
  4. Harry Bear
  5. Pete Shepley was a Magnavox engineer in Urbana, IL and M. R. James was the Magnavox Communications Manager in Fort Wayne, IN when they founded PSE and Bowhunter, respectively, in 1971.
  6. Dr. Claude J. Lapp
  7. Ben Pearson
  8. Doug Easton
  9. Bob Munger
  10. Ishi means “Man”
  11. Robert Hansen
  12. Four-fifths true, but he killed his leopard with a Pearson recurve. Sagittarius.
  13. Myles Keller
  14. Dr. Dave Samuel
  15. John Musacchia. Fred Eichler is married to John’s daughter, Michele.
  16. The Old Bowhunter
  17. Nathan Andersohn of Colorado
  18. “The Old Bowhunter”
  19. Carol Mauch of Nebraska (Husband Dick was a longtime friend and hunting companion of Fred Bear.)
  20. Howard Hill Books (Hunting the Hard Way & Wild Adventure). Movies (Tembo & The Last Wilderness).


1-3 Incorrect Answers: Congrats, you’re a Bowhunting Trivia Brainiac!

4-5 Incorrect Answers: Not bad at all! Way to go!

6-8 Incorrect Answers: Average

9-10 Incorrect Answers: Room for improvement

11-13+ Incorrect Answers: Time for a tutor!

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