As summer heats up that only means one thing to us bowhunters,  we are creeping closer to deer season. That means many of us are out practicing religiously. Do you shoot field points all the way up to deer season and then replace them your broadheads and go hunt? If so, you are doing a disservice to yourself and more importantly the game you chase.  So, what is the alternative? I have always used broadheads to practice during the summer months as that is what ultimately matters the most. Now I’ve changed how I practice.

I made the switch to shooting Toxic broadheads this year and as a result started using the PRACTICE
POINT from Flying Arrow Archery. This point flies more like the broadhead I’ll use for deer and it is helping save the life of my targets. The PRACTICE POINT is much more target friendly with minimal carnage left behind. This head also holds a solid 1 piece, steel ferrule and tip making this head perfect for Small Game hunting as well.

Whether you shoot Flying Arrow or any other brand please be sure you are practicing with the
broadhead you intend to use during the archery season.

You can find their full product list at Flying Arrow Archery