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By: Wade Nolan
bowhunting biologist

After conducting whitetail seminars in over 400 cities I know what questions I usually get. I’m most often asked, “What do I do for scent suppression?” I like this question because it may help members of the audience be better whitetailers.

I answer that we know that a bloodhound can smell and ID a 7-day old finger print and that whitetails are likely just as awesome. That means we must have a plan if we are bent on destroying a buck’s ability to discover us in the whitetail woods. The strategy I use is science based. I work in the science department at ATSKO which is a group that makes scent suppression and waterproofing products.

Deer are in a small class of animals that have more than 400,000 olfactory receptors in their snoot.

The most amazing thing they make for hunters is their line of Zero Products including Sport-Wash. Sport-Wash soap, either Hair and Body or the detergent, is unique in its formula and chemistry. In short, all Sport Wash products are made with a coconut surfactant and uses a straight carbon chain configuration to rinse out of your clothes and off your body. That means that you and your clothing are residue and scent free.

Coconuts are nothing short of amazing. Here are a few of the natural benefits that a coconut brings to cleaning your clothes and body. There are three fatty acids in a coconut that are natural antimicrobial agents. These antimicrobial agents fight microbes like bacteria, fungi, yeast and even viruses.

Then there are the natural micro-nutrients. Coconut comes packaged by design with selenium which is the headliner when it comes to reducing dandruff and flakey skin, plus magnesium, Potassium, manganese, copper and vitamin C and E. Micronutrients also serve as antioxidants blocking free radicals which improves skin condition. This stuff is amazing.

Here is something everyone can understand plus proof in the pudding…or in this case, the tub. Remember getting out of the tub and there is a ring of dirt and scum around the water line. That bath-tub ring is soap scum and residue from your body. Some is grime, some dead skin cells but it all is smelly. It’s there because the soap you used got clogged up with the grime and wouldn’t rinse down the drain. Same thing happens when you get a bath. That scum sticks to you and when washing your clothes, it sticks as residue to your clothes and camo. Deer smell it. If you take a bath or shower with Sport-Wash you’ll not find a bathtub ring. The scum is rinsed down the drain and you win the scent suppression game.

Sport-Wash really comes into its own class when washing hi-tech clothing. The micro-fibers and base layers are only working at their optimum when totally clean and free of residue.


With Sport Wash there is no residue stuck to your body and no soapy scummy residue on your clothes. It sounds like a good plan because it is a good plan, if you expect to fool the nose of a whitetail. Coconut is part of the solution used by Sport-Wash. Sport-Wash mastered rinseability.


Sponsored by: Whitetail UniversityAtsko Products 

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