GloryNock is an easy to use lighted arrow nock

The 2018 ATA show introduced archery hunters to some new products. One of the products that caught my attention right away was the GloryNock Light Arrow Nock from DoubleTake Archery LLC. If DoubleTake Archery LLC sounds familiar to you that is because they were the inventor and creators of the Nockturnal lighted nocks. Nockturnal is now owned by Rage Outdoors Company but DoubleTake Archery has a new lighted nock out and it is legit!

GloryNock Lighted Nock

The GloryNock gathered a great deal of attention at the ATA show and DoubleTake Archery LLC handed out a bunch of free nocks to visitors. They wanted hunters to take the nocks home and put them to the test. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them and was looking forward to seeing how it would work.

One of the first things I noticed was that it was lighter than I expected. Placing it on my scale I found it to be 21 ounces and this is lighter than any other lighted nock on the market. Even with the nock only weighing 21 ounces it is strong and durable.

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So what makes the GloryNock different from other nocks on the market? This new nock is activated once it leaves your bowstring and to turn it off there is a small button on the side. Press the button in and it will deactivate. Yep, it really is that simple to turn off and on. No tools, no magnets, no twisting the nock or holding the arrow upside down to turn off. The button feature on the GloryNock is definitely a step above the other nocks on the market.

Brightness and battery life are two features that most hunters look for in their lighted nocks and I am more than pleased with the brightness of the GloryNock. Even when shooting during the middle of the day I can easily see the nock glowing when it hits the target. In the dim light of morning or evening, the nock is very easy to see. GloryNocks have 20 hours of battery life. I am still using my original nock to practice and it still glows brightly.

Installing the GloryNocks is so easy and is available for many different diameter arrows and crossbow bolts. Here is a list of the nocks they offer:


GloryNock-FIT fits most common arrow ID’s .204, .233, .244 and .246
GloryNock-GT fits arrow ID’s .245-.246
GloryNock-S fits arrow ID .244
GloryNock-H fits arrow ID .233
GloryNock-X fits arrow ID .204


GloryNock Crecent-300 fits Moon nocks, bolt ID .300
GloryNock Crecent-297 fits Moon nocks, bolt ID .297
GloryNock Flat-300 fits Flat nocks, bolt ID .300
GloryNock Flat-297 fits Flat nocks, bolt ID .297

GloryNocks come in easy to see, Red, Pink, Blue and Green

A 3 pack of nocks is $24.99 and $29.99 for crossbow bolt nocks. Made in Texas, you can visit their website at or call them at 1-830-444-0202. You can also find them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Back in June, I took a trip to Wilderness Hunting Lodge to hunt axis deer. My Black Eagle Arrows were fitted with Red GloryNocks and Grim Reaper broadheads. I was fortunate enough to harvest 2 great looking axis bucks and I was easily able to watch the arrow hit the deer because of the brightness of the nock.

The nocks held up well even after being used to kill those two bucks. They are back in my quiver waiting to be used this fall on some whitetails. I believe if you are looking for a better, more durable, easy to use, bright, and well-built lighted nock, you need to give GloryNock a try this season.

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