By: Roy K. Keefer

This summer I was visiting a local archery shop in my new home state, Missouri, and met a man who was exhibiting a new product to the shop owner.  That man was Jeff Ellis, an avid bowhunter.  Jeff has developed a new bow sling, My Sling-A-Ling that has some pretty nifty features.

The sling is made of paracord and is available in a variety of colors.

I mounted the sling to my bow and found it had many uses.  Principally, of course, it carries my bow.  You can carry your bow and swing it behind you when going through brush, thereby saving your peep and sight from menacing limbs and twigs.

This is one feature I really liked.  It comes with a magnet built into the sling and a base which you attach to your bow.  Once you’re ready to shoot, you attach the sling to the base with the magnet and it’s out of the way.  This eliminates the sling flopping around and detracting from your efforts to concentrate on your shot.

Your bow can be swung behind you when climbing a tree stand and eliminate the need to haul the bow up with another rope.

If you have the need to use your binoculars, you can maneuver the bow around and rest your arms on it, creating a stabilizing base for your viewing.

In the event you have an emergency, the paracord version of the sling can be unwoven and used to as a rope.

Take a minute and go to their website and read more about it.  The price is affordable and the product is worth your consideration.

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