Real Avid Lighted Hunting Knife


By: Gary Elliott

I don’t know about you but it seems what deer I have shot have been shot just before dusk and I am left field dressing the deer in the dark. That leaves you with some choices to do the job with, a flashlight shoved in your mouth, use a headlamp or be lucky enough to have someone standing there with the flashlight and constantly asking them to point it where you are working. Then there is having a knife with lights!

Yes, I said a knife with lights and when I say lights I mean 4 LED lights in the front of the handle shining 20 lumens of light down the blade. The  Real Avid Lighted Hunting Knife  has a 4” blade made of quality 440 stainless and hardened to 57-59 HRC. Combine the two together and you have an easy sharpening knife that holds that edge well. Overall length of the satin finish blade and polymer handle is 9.5” and weighs 6 ounces with batteries. The blade is a drop point making it nearly impossible to slip off the handle and being a full tang knife will keep this blade around for years to come. The knife comes in and can be stored in its very own black ballistic nylon belt sheath. Put on your belt or keep it in your pack.

When the time called for the knife, it cut like a charm, making the venison seem like butter and the light was a treat to have. You are going to get blood or pieces of venison on it and it will need to be occasionally wiped off but, hey sometimes you need to stop and wipe the knife handle off anyway. The polymer handle was nice to hold on to, fit well in my hand, was comfortable and I never once felt as though I was going to lose my grip.

The lights use the small round batteries and are a CR2032 similar to what archers use to light their sight pins.

Overall, the only negative would just be the silly thing of the lights occasionally getting covered up with blood or meat. Other than this there really aren’t any negatives in my use of the knife. In fact the handle where the lights are house is sealed so water can’t get in and destroy the lights. This knife has and will stay a part of my hunting pack. We all have our favorite knives but I bet they don’t have lights on them. The off/on switch is located near the back of the handle on the side and was easy to turn on and off.

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