Pro Ears has been manufacturing and marketing electronic and passive hearing protection since 1998 and has always been considered a leader in the Hearing Protection industry. Continuing to innovate, they are proud to offer their new Pro Ears Stealth 28 electronic hearing protection.

Gary Lemanski, CEO & President commented “We are happy to officially launch the new Pro Ears Stealth 28 with a proprietary temple hugging design for a secure and comfortable fit and weighing less than 1 ounce, making it ideal for all day use. ” He went on to say “The Stealth 28 has an incredible Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28, is USB rechargeable with up to 18 hours of operation and the rapid re-charge takes only about an hour.”

Charles Ricci, Sales manager for Pro Ears also added “ The incredibly soft ear buds are great for extended wear but the main advantage is the Stealth 28 Amplifies sound up to 5x and it has our Advanced Compression Technology to protect your hearing. And, the retail price is only $59.99 and we updated the packaging as well”

Ricci concluded “Consumers trust Pro Ears and our dedication to develop and produce the most reliable, high-quality hearing protection options on the market. Our commitment is to  ensure we are always delivering the highest value to our customers and dealer network.”

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