With daylight still low I was searching for deer movement in the trees along the gulch, when, a surprise! A buck walked by me only a few yards from my viewing window. Somehow I Sonyed up fast enough to git his picture. Notice the details of this buck’s face.  

whitetail deer pictures by robert hoague

Ten minutes later I noticed a young buck standing at the edge of the woods to the east. Notice the details of this buck’s face. There is a difference.

Next up were another young buck and a doe walking through the high grass and weeds to my left.

The sun popped up over the tree tops and did a very nice job of lighting up the immediate area. These two deer came to the edge of the woods near the bottom of the hill to my right.

I zoomed in on the Ybuck as he stepped in front of the trees.

An 8-point walked through the tall stuff and I got his picture.

Here he is again, and this time we can see his eye.

Two more deer.

Woops! A doe walked by so close it could have stuck its head in my camera window.

Late in the afternoon there had been no deer movement until this buck walked along the edge of the woods. 

Camera light faded fast and that was it for today in the deer woods.

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