Faster bows need low profile vanes and Goat Tuff Products has just what you need.  OPTI-VANE II, low profile vane for faster bows, greater steerage and clearance.

Goat Tuff President Jerry Smith made his case, “Our OPTI-VANE II is an aerodynamic design with lower profile that increases surface area by 24% over our standard Opti-Vane. This provides the bowhunter with greater steerage and control especially important when shooting broadheads. In addition, the lower profile provides more clearance, especially important for all crossbows. OPTI-VANE II also features the patented Fusion Technology from Norway Industries that combines two different proprietary materials into a single vane that optimizes adhesion, durability and arrow flight.  The soft black base material possesses optimum adhesion properties so every vane is not only easier to glue to the arrow shaft but provides a tight, secure bond regardless of impact or weather conditions. Especially when fletching with our special Goat Tuff HP Glues.”


Smith continued; “The stiffer blade material and medium profile tapered design of the OPTI-VANE II with modified parabolic profile and consistent light weight provides optimum reliability, durability and flight characteristics for the most accurate, dependable shots, no matter how fast your bow is launching arrows.”

OPTI-VANE II is available in 7 colors, are 2.75” in length, .5” in height and weigh a consistent 7.5 grains and are available in 36, 50 and 100 packs.

Want to fletch your own arrows so you know what you are shooting and want to customize your arrows the way you want? It’s fast, easy and fun with the GT Arrow Fletcher and High Performance Fletching glue from Goat Tuff Products.

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