Harmon Scents has been around for over 35 years in the industry, so it’s no question, this company really knows its scents and lures. Now, for the 2018 season, hunters everywhere will be able to increase their chance of success with Harmon’s newest deer dropping lure, HeartStopper™.

Gary Lemanski, President & CEO of Altus brands, LLC (owner of Harmon Scents since 2012) noted, “HeartStopper is a powerful, biodegradable, synthetic (non-urine based) Deer Attractant that may be used to bring bucks in, stop them where you want them to stop, in a scrape, mock scrape, shooting lane and game trail.  If used on a scrape other deer will urinate on it and make that scrape a community meeting ground for attracting those trophy bucks!”

HeartStopper is available in a easy to carry and use 4-ounce bottle with squirt top and has an MSRP of only $10.99”

 About Altus Brands, LLC

Since 2008, Altus Brands, LLC has acquired and developed small to mid-sized companies in the hunting, and shooting space to unlock their potential for growth. The company has acquired or developed over eleven brands including Cass Creek OutdoorsPro Ears Hearing Protection and Amplification, Benchmaster USA Shooting Products, Extreme DimensionKwikee KwiverWoodland WhisperHarmon ScentsRifleman, iHunt™ and others. Altus Brands, LLC is located at 683 Sullivan Road, Grawn, Michigan 49637