how to hunt with an RV

Take The RV For A Hunting Trip

Low gas prices and favorable interest rates have recently boosted the popularity of RVs. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association has seen a year on year rise in RV purchases since 2008 and estimates the total retail value of all RVs sold in 2017 to be in excess of $18.5 billion. Part of the success is due to the RV now being “right sized” so they offer a mix of amenities and price for today’s consumer and this includes hunters. It can be tricky to find prime hunting habitat especially when exploring new places but it can be more comfortable if you travel with an RV and more flexible as opposed to building a cabin and hunting the same grounds.

Considerations Of Cost

Beware of RV Parks as the luxury versions can be expensive. The costs of plugging in for the night, site fees and dump costs can also soon add up. If you are taking an extended trip, gas, vehicle maintenance and food costs can make it unsustainable unless you start to shift off grid. This is where the adventure can truly begin. It’s not roughing it per se, merely an expedition in the back country with a kitchen and bedroom, that does not cost the earth. Keeping your dog with you in your own environment means you are not paying extra for it to stay with you in a motel.

Permission and Perks

It is possible to RV on a tight budget. For an overnight stay, large supermarkets and truck parks usually offer a free park up if you seek permission. Once you reach your hunting grounds, however, look for a dispersed camping site on Forest Service Land or obtain a permit with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is possible a small fee of a few dollars a day will be due, but it’s worth it.  With an RV you can be fully self-sufficient with enough water and generated electricity to go at least a week.  You’ll be able to store fresh hunt meat in your freezer as well as eat better than if you were eating in restaurants or off the campfire with cereal and fruit stored well for the morning.

Considerations And Tips

You have complete flexibility over where you travel compared offering the opportunity of visiting many prime sites. Ensure to make the necessary arrangements for securing your home for the duration of your expedition. This will leave you free to enjoy the scenery, explore new areas and hunt harder and for longer. There is a growing community amongst RV owners and with more on the road, there are a greater number of used RVs. If you have ever felt owning an RV has been out of financial reach, then look for a quality used one at a fraction of the price and enjoy the experience it can offer.

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