Guide Luke Randall at the helm.

When you hunt the coast of Alaska, you do so at the mercy of the weather. And sometimes it can be merciless.  The last couple of days have been like that.  The afternoon of day 4 was a bust; too windy to really get out of the protection of our home bay.  We saw lots of otters but no bears.

Sea Otters playing in Seal Bay.
Mother and pup Otter.

The morning of day 5 we thought the weather had broken.  Things looked good for a while; the water was fairly calm and there was little wind.  But that changed, the chop turned into seven foot seas.  Even if we could have spotted a bear, we wouldn’t have been able to have landed our skiff.  We use a 14 ft. Lund to get from the 24 footer to shore.

After being beat up a little, we decided to head back to camp.  Shelby spotted a 7 1/2 brownie only a mile from camp.  She has really developed the knack of spotting game.  This brownie was too small so we hurriedly took some video of him as he headed back into the forest.

Shelby Keefer adding some brightness to a wet, windy day.

We’re half way into our hunt.  The weather hasn’t been very cooperative but we’re still trying.  As we like to say, it only takes five seconds to turn your luck around.

We have been putting the Wolverine boots and the Innovative Designs Inc (IDI) clothing through a good test.  The weather has been wet and windy but we have not suffered and have remained warm and dry.  The Wolverine boots have stayed dry and comfortable.  Shelby gave her boots a good soaking in the surf the other day and they did not leak the slightest. They quickly broke in and feel great on our feet.

The IDI Gear parka and bibs are incredible.  They are windproof, waterproof, lightweight and warm. The material is unlike anything I’ve ever worn, it is quiet and definitely durable.  I am impressed by their quality and design.