Getting off by myself where my wife could not see me, I wrote a $5,000 check as a deposit on my hunt.  The total cost of the hunt without airfare was $13,000 but is more now.  My hunt will be 10 days long and run from May 6 through May 15.

alaskan brown bear

The Draw

The Afognak area involves a draw for a license which costs about $500.  I didn’t draw the first year.  But in January I got an email from Shannon Randall informing me that I had drawn a brown bear tag.

Being honest I have to tell you that I had mixed emotions.  I was elated to draw the tag but now I had to get my act together to get ready for the hunt.  I would have to make sure I had the right equipment.  Then I would have to get myself ready.  That would involve getting into shape physically and practicing my shooting skills. 

Afognak Island

If you’re not familiar with the geography of Alaska, you’ve probably heard of Kodiak Island which is south of Anchorage.  Well Afognak is a sister island positioned a few miles away.  Kodiak is a much larger island than Afognak, in fact Kodiak is the second largest island in the United States,  However, Afognak has a respectable population of brown bears but just not as many as found on Kodiak.

Semi-live hunt

At the ATA show I had discussed my hunt with Robert Hoague and Rich Walton and they suggested that I find out if I could do a day by day story over the internet.  But when I learned the area I would hunt did not have sufficient internet coverage we decided to cover the hunt after it was over as well as whenever I could get online during the hunt. So that’s what we’re going to do.

I’ll cover how I selected my gear, preparation of the equipment, getting ready physically and then we’ll keep you informed of the hunt as it develops.  It’s tough to take a brown bear by any method, hunting with a bow makes the odds a lot worse, but we’re up for the challenge and will give it a go.  I hope you’ll follow the story and enjoy it with us.