The biggest day of my bowhunting life, every year, is the opening day of bowhunting for whitetail deer (called Archery Season for Deer by the state game department.) I look forward to it every single year.

Robert Hoague
Robert Hoague of

A few of my buddies who are part of the same 1,000 acre deer lease that I’m on came down this afternoon: Bryant Askew, Ritchey Hayes and Collin Cottrell. Before dark we drove to the Wal-Mart and Bryant got his hunting license and deer and wild turkey tags.

Then we went to a local mexican restaurant and bar named the Rodeo. That may not be an appropriate name for a Tex-Mex eating place but inside you find it’s definitely the real thing.

Friday is Mariachi night and a 4 man combo with traditional mexican string instruments was playing and melodiously singing mariachi songs. We ordered and ate, drank a few DouSeques beers and caught up with what’s been going on as well as rehashed some of the memorable hunts we’ve shared since 1996 when began. 

Tomorrow morning my friend John Askew is driving down early and we’re gonna hunt the same ground blind. It’s John’s turn to shoot, if the opportunity presents itself, and I’ll be on camera duty.

On Sunday our newest lease member Cindy Lavender will arrive and bowhunt deer for  few days. I’m betting it’ll be another memorable year. 

Because life is always good in the deer woods.