The Access Cover is a premium Tonneau Truck Bed Cover designed to enhance the looks and the use of today’s pickup trucks. With its ability to fully open and close in seconds, it will easily accent any truck owner’s lifestyle. When closed the Tonneau is secured by the automatic latching system; when open, the storage straps secure it neatly and compactly behind the cab for hauling.

There’s never a need to remove the Cover, as it is easily rolled up neatly and compactly behind the pickup cab.  If you’re not hauling big items it’s best to keep the cover closed. Not only does it give your pick up a smooth look but it’s actually great on the wallet as it improves gas mileage by as much as 10%. The aerodynamics of the Cover keeps the wind from hitting your tailgate for a smoother, quieter, gas saving ride.

 There’s no need to worry about the weather conditions either; the Access Cover is built to withstand the toughest winters and the hottest summers. It remains flexible at -40F and is stretch and shrink resistant. The Cover and tough tubular bows are strong enough to easily handle heavy snow loads. The Access material is made of a textured heavy duty, double-coated, UV protected reinforced vinyl so you will get years of hard use.

Worried about keeping stored items clean and dry? The Element Seal that comes standard makes a tight fit by sealing the gaps at the front of the cover and combined with the fabric flap located at both front and rear of the cover, makes the Access virtually element proof.

The Access Cover opens & closes quickly.

To keep the cover tight, the patented XT-Dial Tension Adjusters allow direct tension control of the Cover with the simple turn of a dial. No tools needed; just turn the dial forward to tighten and backward to loosen, this is the tightest soft cover you can buy.

The Access Cover also opens & closes quickly. When closed the Access is automatically secured by the Auto Latch System on the drivers side. When open, the storage straps secure it neatly and compactly behind the cab for maximum hauling capacity. The Cover can be rolled up in seconds to haul large items higher than the truck bed sides, like ATV’s. Located at the passenger side rear corner a slide lock which, when used in conjunction with the optional tailgates lock, will keep items secure.

The Access Cover opens easily by releasing the Auto Latch and rolling the Cover toward the cab, taking the roll-up bar and bows with it. It secures behind the cab with Quick-Release Straps that prevent it from rubbing against the cab. Closing it is equally simple. Unbuckle the Quick-Release Straps and unroll the Cover toward the Tailgate until the Auto Latch automatically secures it into place. Finally, seal the sides with the reliable hook-and-loop sealing system.

To see the Access Cover in use simply go to: Agri-CoverFor more information call Toll Free to Agri-Cover Inc., 800-233-4655